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    Favorites of the top six are definitely Morgana and Hespera. Morgana has always seemed to be your favorite for this baby and Hespera is my favorite from your original list for Roo.
    Callisto is probably my next favorite, as I like the sound and the imagery I get is very nice.
    Proserpina sounds nice and gets good imagery, but something about it just seems to similar to Roo's name. I also automatically say Prosperpina. There's just something off about it.
    Tinuviel sounds magical when said with the right voice, but I have a hard time pronouncing it out loud properly. But the imagery is one of my favorites so I have a hard time with it.
    I have ALWAYS gone back and forth on Niniane. Some days the sound is gorgeous, flowing, and lovely, but other days (like today) I hear it harshly and only hear a loud 'NINNY' sound.
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    Morgana and Tinuviel definitely stand out to me as my favorites.

    Callisto is okay, but I think nn "Callie" is inevitable

    Hespera is too breathy

    Proserpina I really want to like, but I can't

    Niniane - I agree with Sarahmezz, all I can hear is Ninny
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    Lex; but Cocteau Twins don't do lyrics! There are some words in there (toes for example), but miss Liz has, in every interview I've read, denied that there are lyrics. Anyway...

    morgan; thanks!!! I love Callisto too...

    Sarah; thanks, I've never heard anyone use the word Ninny so it's not really a concern for me. Proserpina... I keep going back and forth on this. I think I love the imagery more than the name, at least today.

    characternamer; yeah, I know what you mean about Proserpina!

    Moonie; I don't think Callie's a horrible nickname, although not my preferred one. I hope she'd only be Callisto (or Liss, Lisso and Lussi). We go back and forth on Pros, like I said, Husband read through the comments and he wrinkled his nose at some of them and said he didn't want those associations with his daughter's name (the PEEN-penis remarks).

    Anyway; new top SEVEN:
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    Morgana Morgana Morgana!!!!
    The other names are beautiful, brilliant, gorgeous, not all of them my style but beautiful and meaningful, obviously though as it's part of your criteria but Morgana is a name I have loved for a very long time, I have a soft spot for the Arthurian legend Morgan(a) and feel as though she was mostly just misunderstood and I understand her lol
    I feel like any of your threads I stumble upon Morgana is a shining star in each and every one so I feel I can say it's your favourite yes?
    I'm not against any of the others but Morgana
    Also I feel that with your first daughters name being from Greek mythology having another first name from Greek mythology might be a might much or at least constricting if you plan on having more children but that's just my opinion
    I'm not familiar with Niniane or Tinuviel or Melusine as figures/characters so the names are unfamiliar to me as with pronunciations though I find myself like Niniane but it seems like a sort of nickname to Vivianne like I call my niece Rosey Posey
    These are just some combos off the top of my head assuming that you want to have two middle names out of the seven names in your list above:

    Morgana Niniane Tinuviel
    Morgana Tinuviel Hespera
    Morgana Callisto Melusine
    Morgana Niniane Hespera
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    Love the new top seven! Proserpina was the only one of the six I'm not crazy about, and I'm glad to see Isis and Melusine. Nuvi's still my favourite! Callisto's the runner up. But any of those would be lovely.

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