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    Whoa. I go away for a few days and Señor Otter goes and misbehaves!

    My three champions. After much thought.

    Morgana. Even with Illy, it works.
    Ninane- I love her. Roo and Nani.
    Tinuviel. Roo and Nuvi. I can picture that in my head.

    Mr. Dina is still on the Morgana train.
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    Thanks all! We're pretty happy with our top six .

    Tara; I'm sure you have enough on your plate with the honeybadger and little Martin in your tummy to think about my ridiculous naming journey! Thanks for popping in though, you're right Hespera and Tinuviel have been around for a long time!

    Angel; you can't complain, yay! I took you advice .

    Sorceress; glad you're on board.

    Mischa; you're right about Hespera, that why she's not the top choice for me, at least not for this Bunny. But I do love it...

    Lex; looking forward to all those combos! yes, I do love Lorelei. Have you heard the Cocteau Twins song (link here)? It's beautiful.

    Moonie; thanks!!

    Sessh; Maybe next time... Pandora we took of because Husband was uncomfortable, Lys because it's not a long time love, Titania because of Nuvi and Belphoebe because Husband isn't crazy about it and we have a new little member of our group named Phoebe. Combo threads will pop up at some point, don't worry!!

    Juni; thanks for the imagery! Glad to see you liking Callisto and Tinuviel, those are two of my favourites!!

    Averella; yeah, she was too Greek, too short, same ending as Aphro's name and everything. If I get my way it will be Nuvi's or Callisto's middle name.

    Esswei; oooh, love the imagery. Good things do come out of insomnia! Only joking... Love them all, Morgana and Hespera are pretty much exactly the way I see them too. The balancing on cliffs in stormy weather - I do think that's how I've described her before... she'll all stormy delicousness.

    Amy; Nah, we're happy with a top six. We'll see what happens when we start combo making. I'm pretty happy with Callisto and Tinuviel (I will run them by all of you, of course, and if I know my berries like I think I do they will probably find even shinier combos for me), but all the others need work. Glad you enjoy the top six, and ye I do know your feelings and ranking, my sweet!!

    Dina; yes, he did that! Oh, I'm going to start calling him Señor... Your top three was not shocking, which is good, I'm glad you're sticking with those three. And I got Mr Dina's opinion too, excellent! I'll try and get my man to speak up when it's your turn!!!
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    I do know the song. I don't really love the lyrics though - they don't really work with how I see Lorelei. lol.
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    I just happened to see this...I love Callisto!! What a gorgeous name!! Congratulations girl!
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    The clear standouts of your top six:


    Callisto is okay. I'd definitely nix Niniane (all I can hear is ninny) and Proserpina (sounds kinda pretentious to me).
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