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    Battle of the N's: I like Niniane and Nausicaa about equally, and they have similar drawbacks (nausea and ninny.) I guess Nausicaa wins because it has stronger imagery for me--it's a thoroughly lavender/light purple name in my head.

    And I actually kind of like the idea of Pandemonium as an anti-nickname for Pandora-- my brother's name is Adam, which sometimes gets shortened to Ad, and I often lengthen it to weird things like Ad Revenue and Ad Infinitum. And pandemonium makes me think of Paradise Lost, which is a plus.

    Glad so many people are hopping on the Pandora train with me. I will defend that name/mythological figure to the end!

    And I'm a genius, haha. I'd appreciate it if you could tell that to my professors next time you're in Southern California.

    And I'd forgotten the Anne Rice novel, too! I read part of it a few years ago and then had to give it back to the library...guess I'll have to finish it now.

    So glad I'm one of Mr. Otter's approved berries. It feels kind of like an elite order-- the Legion of Otter?
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    I know 8'm kind of late to the game but here are my favorites from your list.....

    Belphoebe- I think this is ethereal and whimsical, and would make an excellent sister for a p h r o d i t e
    Callisto- this I think is rhythmic and romantic and lovely
    Fiammetta- lovely name, again romantic but has a little spunk and fire to it
    Iphigenia- I love the sound of this name
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    What a beautiful list of names! Marzanna was the one that stuck out to me the most

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    Gotta say, I love the nn Prosie for Proserpina! So far I haven't been crazy about her but the nn Prosie has almost completely sold me on her! As for little brothers mine decided pretty much as soon as they could walk and talk that their life's goal was to drive their sister crazy! Any name they could somehow derive from my name they called me, no matter how many times they were told not too. I love them for it (or maybe despite it) though
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    Ooh, the list has gotten longer again?! Glad to see some of my favourites back on it (Hespera, Belphoebe!)… but sad you cut Lysistrata, Melpomene, Melusine and Titania I probably sound like a broken record! I'm not very good at imagery but I'll try…

    Belphoebe- gorgeous and magical but still totally wearable. one of my favourites since the beginning I imagine a princess taking long, slow walks alone through grassy fields, picking flowers and smelling them, twirling their stems through her fingers, humming to herself. Colours: bright blues and greens (this also feels kind of nautical) 9.5/10

    Callisto- hmm, I usually find this playful and lighthearted and spunky, but today I'm seeing her as more serious. I find it too masculine with the O ending. A little girl silently digging in the sand on a beach with a concentrated expression on her face, not noticing the chilly winds blowing around her or that the beach is mostly deserted. Colours: yellow and orange. 6/10

    Circe- mysterious and dark, kind of Hallowe'en-y. I can only see this as the evil character in the Gemma Doyle trilogy. An old woman, wearing a heavy black velvet gown, prowling about the dilapidated castle she lives in, turning a tiger's eye stone over in her hands (with extremely long nails), sneaking up on people and scaring them. Colours: black, orange, bronze. 3/10 (I would like this name in a story but she seems more villain than heroine, like, evil and destructive)

    Eimyrja- this feels both sweet and lighthearted, and substantial. very Scandinavian. An ice fairy (if such a thing existed), wearing a sparkly pink and silver dress like the fairies in cartoons, with gossamer wings. And I see her flying across a cold, desolate field of ice and over snow-covered treetops, over brightly lit houses and smiling to herself about the people warm and comfortable inside.

    Fiammetta- fiery, dramatic, attention-grabbing, even exotic. An eccentric, fun, crazy-in-a-good-way actress or indie singer (or even a drama teacher, haha) with a shock of red curls. She's wearing studded jeans, leather, homemade gymp and leather bracelets and necklaces with colourful chunky wooden beads. (it reminds me of a woman I know who's a singer- and she is Italian- her name's not Fiammetta though) 9/10

    Hespera- ooh, pretty much always my favourite on your list!!! I always think of warm pinks and purples, and pinkish-purple stone, when I see this name. Hespera's a romantic at heart and a playful one. She's listening to make sure everyone's asleep before smoothing her dark hair, giggling quietly to herself and sneaking out to meet her boyfriend in the garden. It's a warm summer night and stars are beaming brightly under the velvety night sky. Colours: pink and dark purple of course, with dark swirls. 10/10! btw I think Hespera Belphoebe would be such a stunning combo...

    Iphigenia- I can't see this one very clearly, but I think of flowers and plants and gardens. Colours: shades of pink. 7/10

    Morgana- I can't help but think of King Arthur's evil sister from the legends. I think I've said this before- but Morgana's the queen ready to lead troops into battle, in her armour and a crimson silk gown (somehow this works in my mind) with a matching plume in her helmet. She has long coppery hair, flying out behind her as she urges her big black horse into a gallop. Morgana feels powerful and strong. Like Circe, I would love the name in a story but I can't get past seeing her as a villain. Colours: red, maroon, copper, silver. 8/10

    Nausicaa- a lean, athletic girl wearing her long blonde hair in a ponytail, calmly captaining a sailboat through a storm as huge white waves wash over the deck and wind batters the sails. She pays no mind to the pounding rain, just the job at hand. Nobody questions her- she knows what to do. Colours: sea blue, seafoam green, silvery-white. 6.5/10

    Niniane- a wide-eyed little girl with chestnut hair who spends as much time as she can outside, scampering and rolling around the lawn after her many pets. She laughs as she brushes flower petals and bits of dried grass and dirt off her clothes. Colours: yellow, orange, brown. 7/10

    Pandeia- I just think of panda bears, sorry. 2/10

    Pandora- delicate, girlish and demure. A little girl sitting stiffly in an old-fashioned-looking parlour, wearing a dress covered in bows and lace. She's taking tea with her mother and some of her mother's friends, sitting quietly while the adults talk. She's a bit bored- she'd rather be playing with her dolls or her fluffy white poodle. 5/10

    Polyhymnia- a girl with dark hair and large, enchanting eyes who prefers to keep to herself. Her favourite thing is music- she sings like an angel and loves the harp best, but plays all kinds of instruments. Her voice is soulful and emotional, really feeling every song. She needs no audience- it's for her own pleasure. Colours: dark blue, black, dark grey, a streak of gold. 8.5/10

    Proserpina- this name sounds very medieval to me. A strong girl who's a good, hard worker willing to do anything. She can sew and embroider and crochet, and equally comfortable and happy driving cows in the fields or following a plow as she is dancing and entertaining guests at a ball, wearing a beautiful ballgown and jewels. (I realize in medieval times one person wouldn't have done all these things but I could picture a Proserpina doing all of them, kwim?) Colours: bronze, maroon, chestnut. 8.5/10

    Tinuviel- I think I've said before I find this name too cutesy, and it sounds a bit masculine. I picture a girl who loves water, sailing in her little boat, diving into underwater sea caves, snorkelling on a coral reef, scrambling up rocky cliffs to gaze at the crashing waves below. Colours: ocean blue, sea green, silver, black

    Wow, that took awhile. But lots of fun, though not sure I really get this imagery thing I almost feel like I'm just writing little stories about whatever comes to mind, not necessarily "feeling" it? Hope I helped anyway!

    EDIT: Whoa, didn't see how long this was until after I posted. Sorry!!! I love to write so can just go on and on...
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