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    Of the "P" names my favorite is Pandeia. Gorgeous sound, gorgeous meaning. That said, my least favorite is Pandora, I don't like her myth, it would be a hard association for a girl to live with (especially if she gets little brothers, speaking from experience little brothers can be cruel), and I'm not crazy about the dora ending. I love the nn Panda, but Pandeia seams like a much better way to get it. Proserpina and Polyhymnia are both ok but they seem rather heavy to me, Pandia doesn't.
    How about your "N" names? Are you ok with having both on your list? if you're trying to narrow them down to one also my vote goes to Niniane because I just can't get past the nausea in Nausicaa.
    So there's my 2 cents, overall I really like your narrowed down list and I look forward to seeing combos with Melusine in them! Oh, and I'm glad my suggestion of Nefertiti wasn't completely crazy!
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    Of your P names my preference would be for Pandora, although I also like Pandeia. I agree with rmclay, Polyhymnia sounds too much like a word. Proserpina is nice, but not as dark and dreamy as Pandora. Pandia makes me think of Panda bears, but I don't necessarily dislike that.
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    I thought you were set on Isolde?
    My faves are Circe, Pandora and Yvaine. They are well-known and there shouldn't be too many issues with spelling/pronunciation.
    Circe is fiery. Pandora is mysterious. Yvaine sparkles! Oh, I love Yvaine! I hope to use it as a middle. My hubby would never go for it as a first name. I guess your hubby isn't keen on it either? Too bad.
    If you don't mind Cersei Lanister, then how do you feel about the name, and character, Melisandre? I love the added R. Or Melisande. Has that ever been on your list? AphRODITE is an unusual name, but well known. I know you love the names on your list, but they don't feel very useable as first names. AphRODITE has a nn too. Do any of these names have nicknames? If the second child doesn't have a nn she might not feel as special.
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    Belphoebe- I think a warrior princess, with flaming red hair standing on a balcony before her kingdom as the sun rises holding a bronze shield and a sword, bold, courageous and daring. I like the sound, and think it goes well with Aphrodite

    Callisto- A sea nymph sitting on the edge of a rock by an island, with long flowing hair, pulling strands of seaweed through her fingers and looking into the sunrise. This is my favorite of all your options.

    Eimyrja- I can't even pronounce this, so I think this could be a problematic name.

    Fiammetta- A bubbly, always happy elven girl who wears brown and green, she is an excellent huntress and skilled with the bow and arrow. She loves the forest and all things nature. I love the name but I don't think it matches her big sister.

    Hespera- I just don't like this. Not really my style. It seems witch-y to me.

    Iphigenia- This name makes me think of a beautiful but cold princess who sits on a throne of ice with long, elegant fingernails and a cold face and demeanour. She isn't friendly, and is very selective in her companions. She wears a white fur stole. I don't like this, but that is just my imagination.

    Morgana- Bad connotations with Morgana Le Fay. I do not think it is usable although I like the name.

    Nausicaa- I think the double a will be a constant misspelled, although the name reminds me of a gentle fairy with lilac wings who is energetic and lively. Does not match Aphrodite.

    Niniane- I can't pronounce this, so I have to say no.

    Pandeia- Seems like a misspelling to me. Sorry.

    Pandora- I don't like the connotations of Pandora's box.

    Polyhymnia- A very rhythmic name, I see a musical goddess holding a flute-like instrument with her eyes closed and swaying to a song only she can hear. She is quiet but very intelligent and has stunning eyes the color of a storm. She is shy to strangers, but she can be fierce and passionate. I like this name with Aphrodite, a good choice.

    Proserpina- Again, not really my style. It seems too stuffy.

    Tinuviel- My second favorite of your list! I see a lonely girl in an abandoned stone castle by the ocean, standing and leaning on a wall looking out to sea, wearing a gray sweater, and old soul on young shoulders. Unfortunately, this does not really match Aphrodite.

    Belphoebe, Polyhymnia, Callisto: Match and lovely names. Best choices.

    Tinuviel, Fiammetta, Nausicaa: Lovely, but have some issue.

    Eimyrja, Hespera, Pandeia, Pandora, Morgana, Iphigenia, Niniane: Don't like, can't pronounce, or have bad connotations.

    And a question: Are you pronouncing Aphrodite (Af-ro-die-tee) or (Af-ro-dyte: rhymes with bite)

    Best of luck in your search for the perfect name!
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    Oh yay, I like literally everything on the updated list. Glad my three favorites made it, even if Belphoebe is on the chopping block.

    P: Ha. You know I'll always be Team Pandora. Pandeia is pretty, too, but it doesn't quite have the spark that Pandora does. Pandora is vivacious while Pandeia is more blandly nice. I feel like Pandora can have all the darkness of Morgana but also has an element of fun that Morgana lacks.

    I'll have to check out all your Pandora music after class! Maybe you should charm Mr. Otter into liking Pandora with music the way you got him to like Ophelia.

    Personally, I don't find the she-was-created-to-punish-Prometheus-and-then-she-totally-screwed-up-the-world thing all that negative. Yeah, she was man(god)-made...made to be awesome, that is, and I like how it was sort of a team effort. And the box thing was a total setup. Even if it hadn't been, the world would be incredibly boring if she hadn't opened the box/jar (isn't that kind of the moral of every dystopian novel ever?)
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