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    Quote Originally Posted by mousehouse7 View Post
    ... I think if you love the name Morgana, and have many reasons for loving that name and what it conjures in your mind, then aspects of that name and what you like about it will shine through over the years as your child grows. Maybe not just as you imagine them now, but your little girl will become the name, and new associations will emerge as your little one's personality shifts over the years.
    Absolutely. I think its fun to describe what kind of person you see in your mind when you hear a name, but the name does not make the person, and the person doesn't make the name. Your view of whatever name you choose will grow and evolve over time, and so will your child, and eventually they will meld for you and it will "make sense" - if that makes sense.
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    I used Iphigenia in a novel (her sisters were Antigone and Ismene) and it's so nice to see her getting some attention. It's clunky yet flowing at the same time. Eurydice would fit beautifully with her older sister and Callisto is also lovely, but I'm afraid I'll always favour Persephone over Proserpina.

    I love the meaning of Villanelle but I too can't get past the 'villain' part.

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    The names listed below are not only my favourites, but I feel like they're very 'you'. I will star my favourite favourites that I love with you little Ditaroo.

    Bellicent *
    Belphoebe *
    Lysistrata *
    Melpomene *
    Morgana *
    Proserpina *
    Tinuviel *

    Good luck Ottilie, I know your second daughter will have an unimaginably gorgeous name when the time comes.
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    Hillymae; thanks you! Hespera is very eveningish.

    BlueJuniper; Pandora is one of my favourites as well. I love her story, but I'm afraid I won't get Husband on board...

    Tigg; I hear you! thanks for listing your favourites. Lorelei is one of the most "popular" names on my list, it's #934 in E&W (39 babies). And Vanadis made your list! I think it's so beautiful.

    Olympia; ooh, those are lovely. Love your Lorelei and Belphoebe, and Morgana too! Thanks so much

    Amy; aaaah, Callisto! Happy to see that. Still excited Polyhymnia made your list

    Teacup; thanks! I don't care about whether a name's too matchy, but I see your point!

    Ninanoo; Great! Look at that list, happy to see double stars for the c-girls.

    Whirlie; you make a good point there! This was actually something Husband said to me last night, we should only keep the names we've loved for a long time. No crazy crushes, just long time loves. Morgana definitely fits in there, along with some of the others. I will keep that in mind when I narrow the list down. I just adore your reply, it's so thoughtful and kind, you're very wise, miss Whirls!!

    Gwen; well I do, but it's kind of my "job" isn't it? I was thinking Mardoll in the middle spot, maybe. We'll see! Pandora is underwater, flowing garments and hair, graceful and mermaid-esque. She's very connected to music for me, and those songs are all watery. I've grown up with a father who loves Cocteau Twins and they've got a song called Pandora which sounds exactly like an enchanting mermaid castle, it sounds like flowing garments and the underwater world. Then of course, my favourite musician has a song called Pandora's Aquarium which is all watery and slinky, and Pandora on top of that reminds me of one of her other songs that's called Liquid Diamonds - the ultimate Pandora song. I guess I'm an underwater thing... it sounds like mermaids swimming away, escaping, laughing. Okay, my Pandora feelings aside, you did an Amy! How fun. Lovely, and this is working so well. I love it when my heart jumps because a certain name pops up on someones list, and when I'm all meh because of a different name. Good!! And thanks, sweets!!

    Elja; It does, doesn't it? Hope your essay's coming along nicely! Yeah, Zenobia and Cleopatra are both beautiful and I do love them but they're just not right. Too substantial or something? They feel like a solid mass, I like liquid names, does that make sense? Anyway, yay, you love Eimyrja!! I definitely want to use this somehow, even if only in the middle (Tinuviel Circe Eimyrja!)! So excited about your categories! Calista Flockhart, I always forget about her. Lorelei... I don't know. I think this name might seem more magical to me because of the aforementioned Cocteau Twins, they've got a gorgeous song by this name which I've loved since I was two or something. Thanks so much, Z!!

    Mousehouse; I completely agree with you. I'm much less scared about naming this one than I was with Roo because I now see how a child will form the name to fit her. I still think I'll kind of know when I see my baby if she's a Morgana, it's such a special name I think I'd just know! And while it is one of my favourites, I do have some others I love just as much, and for just as long. But Morgana is fantastic! Thanks so much for writing all that, I really appreciate getting advise on this, especially from seasoned parents!

    Katie; thanks to you too! It does make sense. As some of you know, I originally named my daughter Rosalind and I changed it because it didn't suit her, and I have over the past few months referred to her as Rosalind about a dozen time. I'm still happy I changed her name, but Rosalind would've suited her and made sense if I hadn't!

    Calou; thank you! Iphigenia is a fun name, I love saying it!

    Fiammetta; unimaginably gorgeous name, thanks for that! We'll see... Thanks for thinking from my perspective, how very sweet of you! Love your list .

    Update will follow shortly!!!
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    Just out of curiosity - considering your "name wobble" with Aphrodite, are you going to take longer to get to know baby before officially naming her? I know how much you connect name with personality, so was just wondering if you will wait a bit to see more of babys personality shine through before making your final choice.

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