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Thread: Liv vs. Liva

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    Liv vs. Liva

    What do you think of these two names and which do you like better?

    I can see Liv getting popular very soon. I have only ever encountered Liva in one book I read and have never seen it on a person. I like Liv because it's simple and pretty. I pronounce it rhyming with give, although if I could get away with it I might pronounce it more Scandinavian, "leave". I like Liva because it is "leave-ah". But I am worried about it being mistaken for Lisa or something because it's so rare. I do like that it's completely phonetic, though, so if you see if there's really only one way to pronounce it (theoretically).

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    I vastly prefer Liv. Not to ruin it (maybe this won't bother you), but I see/hear Liva and think of "liver" with an Australian or British accent or the word "livid." Liv doesn't conjure those for me, and doesn't have the Lisa thing to worry about.

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    I much prefer Liv.
    Plus with a namesake like Liv Tyler the name will be more easily accepted whilst still rare.

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    I can see Liva being mistaken for other names like Liva, and being mangled by people with different accents. Its okay, but not my cup of tea. I do love Liv though, but then again I'm biased since I go by Liv.
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    I much prefer Liv. I can imagine Liva would get called Liver a lot.
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