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    Marzanna and Morgana are my favorites! Oh such lovely names!
    TTC a lil bundle of joy since March 2012. Nothing yet, but praying.

    Top 4: Felicity, Evangeline, Annabel, Anna-Claire
    Other Loves~ Ruth, Aria, Amalia, Lila, Clara, Callie, Esther, Roxanna, Lana, Ivy, Violet, *Esme, Rosalie

    Prince: Top 3: Leon, Bennett, Bowen,
    Other Loves~ Zane, Boone, Evan, Austin, Colton, Ivan, Arley, Archer/Asher, Callen, Zion, Spencer, Jude, Lennox, Lennon, Silas,

    IUI: #1 March 14' = BFN
    IUI: #2: April 14' =BFN
    IUI: #3 May 14' =

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    Favourites with Aphrodite:

    Hespera! Hespera! Hespera! Both Aphrodite and Hespera have a light air-like quality but are also quite different. Hespera sounds a bit more bookish than Aphrodite.
    Callisto - quirky and pretty
    Mellonia - solemn and beautiful
    Melusine - sleek and sophisticated, maybe a bit aloof, reminds me of the sea
    Tinuviel - name of a tiny fairy! A tinkling bell
    Morgana - wild and strong and free

    Least favourites:

    Eirmyrja - spelling and pronounciation just too hard!
    Pandora - just can't get past Pandora's box
    Polyhymnia - I just see "many hymens" :P
    Villanelle - sounds like villain
    Bellicent - looks like belligerent

    Suggestions... Apologies for any repeats

    Two small people, Mila Arden and Cato Bennett.

    If I had a baby tomorrow...
    Atlas Adair or Lyra Sylvie

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    Callisto jumps out at me!
    Favorites for future baby:
    Thomas Cyprian and Lucy Rebecca

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    from your list :

    love: Hespera

    love suggestions of Morwenna and Sapphira.

    other suggestions:


    Still love Isolde too.
    good luck!

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    Holy Moses, FIVE pages? This is going to take some time to reply to...

    Part One:

    Kristinjade; thanks for your reply. Lorelei would be perfect for someone blonde, I agree.

    Belle; you put them in neat little groups, how lovely. Bold suggestions there, but not really my style... Blodughadda's very difficult to say and her association with sharks turns me off... but her sister Himinglava's on my middle list.

    Oboe; whoa, love these! Out of your lovely descriptions my favourites are Eurydice, Hespera, Marzanna, Melusine, Morgana, Niniane and Tinuviel. Great job! And thanks

    Lark; From your suggestions I like Calliope (but Callisto more), Guinevere (but trying to avoid G's because if I have a son someday he'll most likely be Galileo), Esmeralda (but weird as my name is Agnes?) and Rhiannon. Rhiannon is very beautiful, and I like her role but I think a lot of people associate it with Fleetwood Mac. Thanks!

    Daisy; thanks for giving your opinions! Nah, not intimidating, we're all nice here . Her surname will be both actually, we're doing one of those dreaded hyphenated ones. Mine-His. His is a one syllable one ending in -s. I've actually never seen Gilmore Girls! I think I'm a wee bit too old maybe? Your comments are absolutely helpful, I read through all the pages before I started responding, and it seems like a lot of people are saying the same things as you about Vanadis and Eimyrja in particular. Eimyrja might simply be better as a middle. Sometimes I forget that not everyone speaks a Scandinavian language...

    Sorci; you're giving out stars! Yeah, Boccaccio loved the name Fiammetta. It was a pseudonym for his lover's name. I love it because of the painting and the ballet though. Love your Hespera and Melusine, of course. Thanks for the rating and ranking.

    coll; I know! Bellicent makes me think of Maleficent, but to me that's a cool thing! I like Maleficent... and can't wait for her movie!! Okay, Pandora. First of all, it wasn't a box it was a jar. Second of all, Zeus gave it to her knowing that she would open it. Third of all, the jar did release all evils, but it also contained hope. I think Pandora's fabulous! Makes me happy. Thanks for all your comments!

    Daisy; I do love Anemone or Anemona, but my sister's Anna so I don't want a name that starts with Ana or Anna .

    Lulu; thanks for listing your favourites!!

    Corvet; thank you! yeah I decided to out pron. as there's always someone asking! Eimyrja and Vanadis are both Norse names, Vanadis is an epithet of Freyja and Eimyrja is one of King Logi's heavenly beautiful daughters.

    Angel; you know, when I read The Odyssey as a child I pronounced Nausicaa the way you do. But when I started uni all my professors said it nawz-i-KAY-uh or nahf-si-kah, so I started doing that as well. Aaargh! I don't know. From what I gather there are like five different possible pronunciations of the name. Annoying. Anyway, thanks for your top 6! Morgana's still on top for you, good to see. And bottom three, yeah, all I see is vanities now as well. Fiammetta Pandora Ygraine is really pretty!

    Freya; another Morgana fan! Thanks for chiming in with your favourites!

    Bibliophile; thanks, I love Titania, Melusine and Yvaine!!

    C&P; I'm always happy when you give your opinions! Morgana -- that's exactly how I see her!!!!! And you're right, I need something from home this time! But oh my goodness, I want a Tinuviel now. Those words, I can absolutely see it in my head, the blankets and lanterns and eeeek! (sorry, I read it this morning and eeeked, and I'm still in eeek-mode!) And you're right about Eimyrja and Lysistrata. I will probably make them middles instead... thanks so much, sweetie!!

    lonestar; thank you! Recognisable is a good thing.

    Gwen; thanks for wading so far in... a lot of what you say makes sense. I don't see villain from Villanelle, not more so than from William for instance. But that's okay, Husband will probably say no anyway. Mardoll is from Norse mythology, it's an epithet of Freyja. It means "sea bright", something to do with the sea and light and the tides and stuff like that. You feel the same way about Iphigenia as I do which is good! Pandora though, wow, we're different! I do love how you see her though, and your feelings, but while my Pandora is wateresque like yours, she's calm, mysterious and a bit spooky. Yeah, Belphoebe's got a bit of Gwenllian in her. Belphoebe is kind of a part of me, the woods, hunting, horses... TFQ is very important to me, and the name Phoebe on its own too. Glad you like her, and your words are perfect! I doubt our child will run for any office though, haha!!

    Bungo; thanks for your input! Well, diseases do have nice names, or some of them do.

    Meg; I still like Zenobia heaps, I just don't love her enough... thanks for the nice grouping!!

    Averella; Morgana will always be on my list, never fear. It is my favourite, well, among my very favourites, and I do want a little Morgana one day. Glad you like Melusine, Lou and Lucy are my favourites, along with Lussi. There are a lot of M-names, I know. husband looked at the list and said "why so many M names, you know we want a Morgana so you should just scratch the others off", and he's probably right.

    Aillidh; thank you! I love Morgana too!

    Esswei; oooooooooh that Hespera comment! This isn't going to come as a shock to anyone, but this is one of my absolute favourites and this comment absolutely made my heart flutter! And I absolutely agree about Morgana, it's incredibly beautiful, special and haunting without being frilly or a show-off. It's just there, all magical on its own.

    Ashley; Aura and Junia are on my middle list. Thanks!

    Haley; Thanks for all your comments. From your suggestions I like Persephone (but prefer Proserpina), Penelope, Calliope (but prefer Callisto), Morwenna (too close to Morgana though) and Minerva.

    Caroline; I definitely wish for a little Galileo too, but not this one. It's definitely a girl! But next time...? Or when we adopt that gorgeous little Vietnamese boy... (dreamland). Yay, you like Villanelle! It does sound wonderful doesn't it? And Fiammetta is absolutely warm and fuzzy. Glad you like Hespera!!

    Dina; a hummingbird! I didn't see that one coming, but I love it! Fiammetta's got a hold on me. I'm pretty sure if she's a Fiammetta I will know the second I see her, kind of the same as Morgana. Very distinct names. Your Marzanna comment made me laugh, very good. I know you love Niniane, I almost put it in the first post when I said "some of you've commented on this before"; I almost added "I know Dina will say she loves Niniane..." but then I didn't! Lorelei - she always flies just under the radar, which means I never get opinions on her. Which is why I bumped her up. Morgana's lush warm stormy deliciousness, yes, and that gave me the warm fuzzies and heart fluttering! Mission accomplished.

    boy&girl; thanks for your top three! Always happy to see some Circe love.

    characternamer; thanks for your little list. No, Cleopatra's off. I do love the namesake, and the nicknames are endless and fun, but I don't love the name itself as much as I'd like to...
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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