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    Morgana is definitely my favorite, so gorgeous and there's a mysterious, courageous quality to it that I love.
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    I love:
    Proserpina- this is a name I've discovered because of your posts and have come to love since then
    Morgana- so much beauty and power without needing any frills
    Melusine- hauntingly beautiful and melodic
    Hespera- a beautiful whispery name that makes me think of lanterns in a dark forest.

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    I love Malachite, for a girl or a boy. mal-ah-kite- gorgeous green stone, nickname kai/kye, which has various meanings when searched in wikipedia.
    I also love Cypress.
    I love unusual names but your taste is unlike mine, so I will make a list of the beautiful and magical nature names I love: (that go with Aphrodite)
    Demarys/Demaris (from demeter/demetria) demm-air-iss)-lover of the earth and fruitful increase -(with demi, mary for a nn)
    Aries, Jericho, Junia, Garnet, Aqua, Lark, Aura, Zephyr, Haven, Quartz for shorter middle name options

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    Lovely list!

    Bellicent - this reminds me too much of my wicked aunt Belinda.
    Belphoebe - prefer just Phoebe
    Callisto - not bad, prefer Calista, or Calanthe/Calantha
    Circe - reminds me of Cirque
    Eimyrja - very confusing
    Eurydice - not a fan at all
    Fiammetta - love this
    Hespera - like this
    Iphigenia - too complicated
    Lorelei - love this
    Lysistrata - too complicated
    Mardoll/Mardolla - not a fan
    Marzanna - nice!
    Mellonia - too close to melanoma
    Melpomene - too confusing
    Melusine - sounds like a disease :/
    Morgana - adore this!
    Nausicaa - not too bad, but prefer Narcissa or Nerissa!
    Niniane - all I get is ninny.
    Pandora - LOVE this!
    Polyhymnia - I don't think any child would be able to pronounce this.
    Proserpina - not too bad
    Tanaquil - first read that as Tequila
    Tinuviel - not sure how I feel on this
    Titania - I adore this, but I'm afraid the three letters at the beginning will not go over well in a high school setting.
    Vanadis - not really the right style for Aphrodite's sister.
    Villanelle - all I get is villain :/
    Yvaine - this sounds so magical!

    My suggestions:


    My favourites:

    Aphrodite & Narcissa
    Aphrodite & Pandora
    Aphrodite & Calanthe
    Aphrodite & Fiammetta
    Aphrodite & Diana
    Aphrodite & Morgana
    Aphrodite & Minerva

    Hopefully this helped!

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    The ones that shine brightest for me:
    Fiammetta (still love this! Super warm and fuzzy)
    Hespera (like her more and more, as I keep seeing her on your threads!)
    And suprisingly, for me, Villanelle (I said it aloud and it's so pretty!)

    Titania and Circe are also ridiculously cool.

    I'm still kind of hoping for a little Galileo though! But so many of these are wonderful, sending all the warm fuzzies to you.

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