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    My favorites would be Pandora, Morgana, and Titania. All of them are beautiful, magical, and easily recognizable just like her sister's.

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    You had me at "shiny." I've been watching far too much Firefly. Anyway, names.

    First, the vetoes/demote-to-middles:
    Bellicent (BEL-ee-sent) - Eh. Just a look/sound thing; it's vaguely stuffy and very indoors. I don't usually like B's; Belphoebe is an exception.
    Eurydice (yoo-RI-duh-see) - The "Eury-" part just throws me. It's an ugly, dissonant combination of letters in my brain. The "-dice" part throws me, too.
    Mellonia (mel-LON-ee-ah) - Pretty sound, but I'd steer clear of anything with "melon" in it.
    Titania (ti-TAHN-ee-uh) - See Mellonia
    Vanadis (va-nah-deez) - A bit close to "vanity"
    Villanelle (vil-ah-nell) - Love how it looks, but it's too close to "villain" for my taste. The only person I know who's changed her name changed it because it was Evelyn (ee-vuh-lin) and she was getting too much "evil" teasing.

    Now, the ones I love with your Ditaroo's name:

    I also think Eimyrja is just absolutely gorgeous. You should definitely use it somewhere, even if it's just as a middle. I had never heard it until your threads, but it's soooooo pretty and starry and I adore how it looks and sounds.

    You love Morgana, Circe, and Hespera, so follow your heart and use those if they're right.

    Mardoll[a] is intriguing! I can't tell if I like it or not. Where'd that one come from?

    And I love Pandora, Belphoebe, and Iphigenia with the passion of a thousand suns, so I guess I'll go into detail about why (Mr. Otter, are you paying attention?):

    Iphigenia: I dunno, there's just something about it! It looks clunky but sounds beautifully melodious. It's unusual and out-there but has that familiar "jen" sound she could always fall back on. I is such an underrated first initial, too. Imagery-wise, it's just amazing. I've mentioned before that it's a windy name to me, all salty ocean spray. I picture an Iphigenia exploring tide pools and scaling masts and posing dramatically on the edges of cliffs like the Disney version of Pocahontas. In my head she has freckles and long, wavy hair and smiles a lot. Though the namesake was hardly intrepid, I think that's because she never got a chance to be, and the name feels extremely adventurous to me.

    Pandora: A good friend once accused me of loving "rebellion for rebellion's sake," and I couldn't deny it. Pandora is the ultimate rebel name to me, impossible not to love. Panda is the best nickname ever, and would be doubly great with Roo. I'm not usually a fan of the "-dora" sound, but for some reason it just works here. Sure, Pandora was man-made, but she seems to me to have much more of a personality than plenty of other characters in mythology. The man-made-ness feels almost ironic because Pandora with her flaws seems so real and dynamic--she's someone I'd like to meet. In terms of imagery, I'm 100% with you on the watery-ness. Pandora is an exuberantly blue, mermaid-y name. She's a highly mischievous mermaid, always trolling ships and playing pranks. She has a wonderful, watery laugh, and she laughs all the time. Pandora feels to me like the epitome of fun.

    Belphoebe: It's amazing to me that one name can be so fantastically unusual and quirky, yet so wearable. I feel like a Belphoebe could do anything without getting name flak--she could go live on a commune or run for public office. It's a the-world-is-her-oyster kind of name. And what a namesake! Ugh, the badass woodsy huntress thing has never not been my ideal. She's so similar to Artemis that it would be secretly matchy/theme-y with Roo's name, too, which I see as a plus since it's so subtle. And TFQ! I feel like at least one of your kidlets is going to have some TFQ somewhere in his/her name, and this is my favorite TFQ name. And the imagery is utterly perfect--I see Belphoebe kind of like the imagery from your Gwenllian thread. She's all dappled sunlight and mystery and graceful, bare feet flying over moss. She runs through the woods for the sake of running, because she likes the rush. She's somehow innocent and wise at the same time.

    So to recap: adventure, fun, and mystery. What's not to love?

    I'm not great at recommending names, and you seem to have heard of just about everything, so I won't try But if I ever come across something that just screams Ottilie, I'll let you know.
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    A lovely and unusual list. My favourites are:


    Least faves:
    Belphoebe - the "Bel" beginnings make these sound a bit heavy.
    Eimyrja - too difficult to pronounce!
    Proserpina - these all sound a bit like diseases, sorry!

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    Aw, a bit sad to see Zenobia gone, but at least Morgana is still in the running!

    Favorites for a first name:

    Like for a first name:

    (I actually do love these, too; they just share prominent similarities with Roo's name and might seem a little too match-y in the first spot.)

    Like better in the middle:

    Don't really care for:
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    Yay Morgana is still on the list! She's my favorite for you because a)you really seem to love her, there have been several threads where you mentioed she was your favorite and b) She's an awesome sister name for Dita.
    My next favorite on your list is Melusine. This is the perfect sister name for Dita, mythological, strong, and brave. I would love to meet a little Melusine! She would be my favorite for you if you didn't love Morgana so much. Mel, Mellie, Lou, and even Lucy are adorable nicknames!
    Circe is third on my list for you because she was on your list for Dita, you seem to really like her and she and Dita would be adorable sister names.
    Iphigenia is a name I've overlooked on your previous lists because I had no clue how to pronounce her, so thanks for the pronunciation guides this time around! Now that I know how to pronounce her I really like her and she would make a great sister name for Dita.
    Titania- another name I've overlooked previously but right now I'm really liking her, especially with Dita.
    Honorable mentions go to Marzanna and Mellonia, I really like both but I like Morgana and Melusine so much more.
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