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    I'm refining my favorites (which somehow seems like an important accomplishment, disregarding the fact that I'm not the one naming a child lol). I've gotten down to an 'In Order Top 3' for each Roo choice, which is technically still five names because I'm using my signature double Nuvi move.

    With Dita:
    1. Tinuviel
    2. Hespera
    3. Callisto

    With Illy:
    1. Tinuviel
    2. Alcyone
    3. Melusine
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post

    The nickname thing:
    Belphoebe - Phoebe and Bee
    Callisto - Lissie, Lisso, Callie
    Circe - doesn't need one
    Eimyrja - nothing as it will most likely be a middle
    Fiammetta - Fia, Fiamma, Foo, Metta
    Hespera - Hennie, Paree
    Iphigenia - Genie, Nia
    Morgana - Mora, Annie, Morgs
    Nausicaa - Kay, Kaia, Sikka
    Niniane - Nina, Nia, Annie
    Pandeia - Panda, Andy
    Pandora - Panda, Dora, Andy
    Polyhymnia - Polly, Pom, Mina
    Proserpina -Pia, Prosie
    Tinuviel - Tiny, Nuvi, Elle
    Oh, I love Bee & Phoebe as nn's, as well as Kay (so Arthurian), Nina and Panda. Circe is one of those rare names that I don't mind there's no nn, she's just wonderful and fierce all on her own.

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    All due respect Herr Otter, but I think you’re crazy. Why oh why won’t you call your daughter Aphrodite? It’s a *perfect* name, with a plethora of fun nicks: Dita, Roo, Aphro D, Mighty Aphrodite, Phro... Now Illyria is a delicious name too, but she’s the just the river that carries the tall-masted beauty of a ship that is Aphrodite.
    Poor Frau Otter. Artist-husbands can be so temperamental.

    Zenobia! Where did she go? Roo and Zoo!
    Fiammetta - The most fun of all your names, save for Zenobia and Belphoebe. I love Fi. Totally distinct from Aphrodite, but similarly vavavoomish. Italian feminissima.
    Lysistrata - Beautiful. Challenging in the same way that Aphrodite is challenging, but with a different flavor. Badass feminist name with a sense of humor. Sessha you're such a nerd. Strata --> Cloud! Excellent idea. And Cloud is a completely legitimate name in itself.
    Yvaine (works as a middle too) - Fierce and deep, quasi-Arthurian. Yew trees are magical. I would name-nap this one, if it worked with my sibset.
    Morgana - Good with Illyria and Aphrodite. Both wild and earthy. Your brother is full of beans. Morgan sounds like organ. Morgana sounds like Morgana.
    Hespera - Also good with Illyria. Hespera has always been one of my favorites. Feels like night wind and solitary freedom.
    Niniane - Gorgeous gorgeous. Regal, strange, filigreed. May have the edge over Morgana for me.

    Belphoebe - Effervescent, mischievous.. rolls trippingly off the tongue. Brilliant in the middle, but it loses something as a first name.
    Tinuviel - Charlieandperry sold me on this one! “Tinuviel with a lantern in the tin mines - rough and delicate at once.” I totally agree. Tolkien did have a way with names, dagnabbit. Great with Illyria and Aphrodite. Slightly prefer as a middle
    Circe (works as a first too.) Emerald green stalactites and the sound of water echoing. Holy moly.
    Eimyrja - I love the mystery and the roughness of this one. So fiery and Nordic. Pronunciation issues make it mn material.
    Eurydice - Such a great myth. Eurydice has a nice sharp sound - might lend some bite to your lacier names.
    Villanelle - Jeanette Winterson, poetry... yes. Vivendel is beautiful too, but Villanelle is more layered. Like Belphoebe, a delight to say, yet not overly liquid.
    Polyhymnia - A bit much, but fabulous. I don’t think she’ll make your final cut, but I hope you keep her around for a while.
    Titania - You can’t kick Titania off the list! Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

    Melusine - Sorry about the Starbucks association - I can't shake it. I do like the possible Lucy nick, and I like the brightness/blueness of the sound. Prefer Melanthe.
    Pandora - Shadowy in a good way, like Eve. I find the phonetics of Pandora a little blandly smooth. Morgana has similar smoothness, but she’s stronger, imo.
    Proserpina - Love the Rossetti painting and the goddess, but Proserpina seems like a thinly-veiled attempt at making Persephone less matchy with Aphrodite. Almost contains “serpentine.”

    Alcyone - Too close to Aphrodite.
    Bellicent - Hellbent, bellicose.
    Callisto - If you have a deep connection to the myth, then by all means keep her around. I just think of boring pouty Callista Flockhart, but of course your daughter would make it her own... I do like the astronomical connection! No more Calypso?
    Iphigenia (if-i-jen-AY-uh) - I appreciate Iphegenia for her clunkiness, but she’s nms, despite my love for Imogen. I had the pronunciation jumbled. Thought it was if-i-JEENia. Iphegenia pronounced “...jen-AY-uh” was Mrs. Doubtfire’s first name! How about Clytemnestra? Too dark? I know I know, but so pretty.
    Lorelei - The sound of Lorelei is just tame compared to the namesake. Laurel has more oomph, imo.
    Mardoll/Mardolla - Reminds me of Dolly Parton. Nothing against Dolly, just doesn’t strike me as the vibe you’re going for. In your accent, wouldn’t it sound kind of like “ma dollar?” I prefer Freyja. Or for something “sea bright,” Meriel?
    Marzanna - Marzipan, with a side of Ivanna Trump.
    Mellonia - Bologna
    Melpomene - Prefer Clio or Terpsichore, or even Ms Polyhymnia, with her zany beauty.
    Nausicaa - I know the “kai” part is emphasized, but it still looks like "nausea" on the page.
    Tanaquil - insomnia medication.
    Vanadis - bonfire of the Vanadis?

    Another random thought: Anchoret, in lieu of Amoret, who seems to have disappeared from your list.. She’s medieval Welsh, derived from Angharad, apparently. I love how she’s kind of femme, kind of butch, like a saucy nautical tattoo.

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    Oh Mr Otter is behaving very badly it seems. I think Ditaroo has had enough new names for her short little life he just needs to deal with the fact that Illy is going to be my daughters name instead. lol.

    No seriously though. My favorites for you still haven't changed. I'll comment back when you post an updated list or something because honestly I just got back home from visiting the fam in Germany and might not be fully awake. I'm still backing Morgana Ophelia Tinuviel or a Lyonnesse combo.
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    yay Melusine is back! She's perfect with both Dita and Illy imo As for Alcyone, I think she would make a great middle, maybe Morgana Alcyone Tinuviel?
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