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    I won't name her within the hour, that much I know. But this time it's different. I wasn't in a good place during my Roo-pregnancy, I was really scared and insecure and I felt guilty, so naming became a burden. This time it's mostly good, I'm much more in tune with my pregnancy, I already feel like I'm getting to know Little Bunny. We'll see. If a name jumps out at me I will try it on, but I won't fill in the birth registration until I have to!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Whirlie; you make a good point there! This was actually something Husband said to me last night, we should only keep the names we've loved for a long time. No crazy crushes, just long time loves. Morgana definitely fits in there, along with some of the others. I will keep that in mind when I narrow the list down. I just adore your reply, it's so thoughtful and kind, you're very wise, miss Whirls!!
    Why thank you dear Otter! Just don't go drinking coffee before you name Bunny. I am normally the most thinky person ever but coffee sends me making quick decisions and running round the house and I don't even realise it.

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    I wouldn't go for Circe (Sur-see) because of the Game of Thrones character Cersei Lannister since they're pn the same and.. well, read up the character if you haven't heard about her! Pretty bad associations in some regards. But that's just me, it's a shame because the name is lovely!

    My fave is Pandora from your list and I also like the suggestion of Persephone, love it!
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    Titania and Yvaine are my favorites. They are fairies dreams and stars light to me. I actually would love them together in a combination.

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    I came up with a name suggestion for you today in my art history class, have you considered using Nefertiti, like the Egyptian queen? I may be way off base here, but I think Nefertiti goes well with Dita and she was pretty cool in the fact that she got to co-rule Egypt with her husband.
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