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    Bellicent (BEL-ee-sent)
    Callisto (kuh-LIS-toe) **
    Circe (SUR-see)**
    Eimyrja (AY-moor-ya)
    Eurydice (yoo-RI-duh-see)
    Hespera (HES-puh-rah)
    Lorelei (lawr-eh-lei)
    Morgana (mawr-GAH-nuh)*
    Yvaine (ee-VAYN)*

    These are my favorites. The ones with the stars are my favorites. The ones with two stars are my top favorites.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    Morgana and Titania!

    I especially LOVE Titania as it has the same slight sparkle of Roo's full name like the sun on the sea. It kind of connects them even though they are two totally different names. They are both bright but not blinding.

    Morgana you have loved like forever. I see it popping up on nearly every thread of yours. It shares the blueness of Roo [her full name] but contrasts completely as it is slightly more dark and mysterious. I think it is important to choose a name that you have a firm liking of rather than impulsively falling in love with something to then later go off it.

    The reasons why I chose these particular names is that they both share something of Roo but are different enough to be separate people.They are easy enough to pronounce and unusual without the 'weirdo' stares [you may not care but Roo and Bunny might. 'Iphigenia Lysistrata' may get slightly teased if they are anything less than popular at their school [unless you decide to homeschool. Ooops I've gone off on a tangent] They neither overpower or are overpowered by their sister's name.

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    Does anyone else keep stalking this thread to see what other people are saying about their favorites, or is that just me?

    Otter; I've decided I like Mardoll[a], just not with Aph. It's a little bit clunky compared to Roo's graceful name. And it's funny that you think of Pandora as calm! I think my image of it is somewhat influenced by the little girl who played Pandora in my theatre company's show Pandora's F!re last year. She was a trip.

    Anyway, just wanted to stop by and copy what Amy did before you update. That was very clever, Amy.

    The brightest star in the cluster: Eimyrja
    The loveliest shell in ocean: Pandora
    The shiniest diamond in the cave: Iphigenia
    Enchanting: Belphoebe
    Magical faeries dancing: Tinuviel
    Nymphs between trees: Fiammetta
    Water spirits beneath the surface: Melusine
    Star shine: Yvaine
    Moonlight: Niniane
    Tranquility: Hespera
    g w e n

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    Dash Apollo Madoc Orion Mars Auberon Kieran Atlas

    Cameron Alastor Wilde ⋆ Emmett Fidelio Scout ⋆ Zeke Borealis
    Isadora Maite ⋆ Coraline Octavia Luna ⋆ Cleo Amara ⋆ Adela Seraphine Lior
    v o t e

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    Glad to see you back with a girls thread, Ottilie, sometimes putting things in perspective can work wonders And also, I, quite selfishly, love your threads (though highly distracting when you're trying to produce an English essay), you have such a wonderful taste in names Though I, admittedly, am sad to see that Cleopatra and Zenobia didn't make it onto the list, I was so thrilled to see Eimyrja, Morgana and Tinuviel there.

    My absolute favourites:

    Also wonderful ones only beaten by a centimetre by the ones above:

    Smashing, but would be even more smashing as middles:

    Least favourites, but beautiful nonetheless:
    Callisto (makes me think of Ally McBeal/Calista Flockhart)
    Bellicent (I like it, but IMO it can't live up to some of the other gorgeous names on your list)
    Lorelei (I just don't think it has the same ethereal vibe as Roo's name has)
    Mardoll/Mardolla (it's the doll/dolla thing that puts me off, I think)
    Mellonia (I love saying it out loud, it sounds like some fantasy island, just can't picture it as a name)

    I think that Eimyrja, Hespera, Melpomene, Morgana and Eurydice all go wonderfully with Roo's name
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    My personal favorites with big sis are Iphigenia or Tinuviel...I think they both sparkle enough to hold their own yet still strike an independent chord. I love all the nn possibilities with their names, and they have a soft, lilting quality when spoken aloud, like Aphrodite, imo. I think from reading through your posts you have your heart set on Morgana, though! And from my own experience, I would urge you to go with what you love, irregardless of whether or not it 'fits' the baby immediately after birth...I have had five babies and each of them have come to express wildly different personalities and paths then I first imagined they would based on their newborn-ness/childhood. I think if you love the name Morgana, and have many reasons for loving that name and what it conjures in your mind, then aspects of that name and what you like about it will shine through over the years as your child grows. Maybe not just as you imagine them now, but your little girl will become the name, and new associations will emerge as your little one's personality shifts over the years. This is all just my humble opinion, of course, and perhaps you have other reasons for feeling cautious about using the name that are unknown to me. All I know is that my oldest son was super quiet and shy all his childhood years, would never sing or dance, etc...very typical serious-boy/science/object-oriented, and now he's a drama/music/composition major in college who won't STOP singing! And my oldest daughter was born with jet-black hair and looked like a little Eskimo babe, and now she's blonde and fair as can be. So, if you love the name Morgana, go for it! She will grow to fit the name (and vice versa) in one way or another. (And, if you feel wildly different, just ignore!)

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