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    bluejuniper Guest
    Lorelei and Pandora are my favorites - Pandora slightly more. I was always enchanted by her name and her story when I was a child.

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    I'm too tired to conjure up imagery (this pregnancy has turned me into a living zombie), but you got so many lovely names I felt I atleast wanted to give my favourites :P

    Circe (SUR-see)
    Lorelei (lawr-eh-lei) - Although I like Lorelei I feel it falls about outside of your other names and it almost feels too plain next to lush Aphrodite
    Niniane (nin-i-AH-nuh)
    Pandora (pan-DAW-ruh) - My absolute favourite! Aphrodite & Pandora - you can't beat that! Amazing together and on their own!
    Tinuviel (ti-noo-vee-el)
    Titania (ti-TAHN-ee-uh)
    Vanadis (va-nah-deez) - very unexpected, but I actually like this. Maybe best as a middlename, but its got a certain something I can't put my finger on.
    Yvaine (ee-VAYN)

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    I don't know if these are still in run but I like Lorelei, Belphoebe, Morgana, Pandora and Proserpina best for you. My top three are probably Lorelei, Belphoebe and Morgana.
    I don't think I am very good at imagery thing but I will take a try, desribe the top girls and use all my fantasy.
    Lorelei is romantic, sensitive and considerate. She writes poems in her old album, spends all night laying on the blanket in her tiny garden looking at the stars. She runs hand-in-hand with her sweetheart barefoot in the forest, with her hair ruffled by the wind. Lorelei is loving, devoted and serious but if she ever laughs softly, it's like little gentle sliver bells. Lorelei is whisper, dreams and a tad of sweet sadness.
    Belphoebe is confident, original, a soul of the company. She is ice-skating with her friend, sometimes falling but always smiling and laughing. She wears her multicolored knitted scarf and gloves, performs a funny dance in the centre of the ice-ring. At school she does well, she is beloved by her classmates and teachers. Belphoebe is glib and creative, loves to sing and to act on the school stage.
    Morgana is strong, purposeful and kind-hearted. She always knows what she wants and isn't ashamed to ask or make somebody do what she need. She sets a goal and tries to complete it step by step. But Morgana isn't condescending; she is happy to help others. She always visits her friends when they are ill and helps them with homework if they don't understand something. She is curious, loves Russian and French lessons at school and wants to do a round-the-world trip when she is older.

    I hope it's wasn't too corny or boring to read, I am not so good at this kind of thing.

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    Whoops! Haha yes, you called it on me being tired. Disregard the double Tinuviels... She's obviously the starry girl. The second one was supposed to be replaced with Enchanting: Callisto. She's my 10th. As we all know I love those C girls names ever so much, hehe. =]
    Dominic James~ {7}

    Benedict : Felicity : Gabriel : Jude : Lavender : Rowena

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    I love Titania, Lorelei, and Fiammetta! I think all of these have a magical charm and a regal strength to them and go well with sister Aphrodite.

    I am not a fan of Bellicent, Eimyrja, Eurydice, Lysistrata, Mardoll/Mardolla, Marzanna, Mellonia, Melpomene, Melusine, Belphoebe, Nausicaa, Tinuviel, Polyhymnia, Niniane, Polyhymnia, Tanaquil, Yveine, Villanelle, or Vanadis. They sound awkward to me and don't have nearly enough charm to go with Aphrodite.

    I like:
    But I find these all so clearly tied to mythology that they would be too matchy with Aphrodite

    So again, I think Titania, Fiammetta, and Lorelei to be perfect choices

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