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    Part Two:

    Sessha; Glad it made your heart flutter! I do love a nice title... Now I'm expecting my heart to do some serious fluttering!!! Belphoebe, Melusine and Titania, Tinuviel and Marzanna made me very happy! Especially Melusine... I'm into water at the moment. Morgana, you know I agree with you, but a winter girl can have a Samhain spirit (I'm a winter girl!). I think I mentioned it earlier, but I think I will know the second I see her if she's a Morgana. Eimyrja, no noone's going to be able to pronounce that one. I think it's better as a middle maybe. But it's so beautiful... Melpomene nn Polly, interesting. I wouldn't have thought of that, it's always been Pom in my head. I find it so weird when people say the whole "doesn't age well" thing. Maybe it's a cultural thing, I know some many people with cutesy names. And I can see Fiammetta on anyone, really. Yeah, I know your feelings on Tanaquil. I was surprised by Hespera, I never knew you didn't like her? Or have I simply blocked it out of my head? Thanks so much for all your comments, twinsie, I appreciate it!!!

    NL77; oooh, such sweet lines! Love your Iphigenia!

    Katie; thanks! Those are the things I love about Morgana too. And Marzanna, I love that she's more obscure but still an important Goddess. Callisto's a long time love of mine, it's one of my favourites to say out loud. I could say it all day long...

    Dramagirl; that's fine, that's what's fun though, trying to putting yourself into other peoples shoes. From your suggestions I like Eowyn (on my middle list), Lyra (but sister's middle name's Illyria), Persephone (prefer Proserpina) and Melisande (but it's not what I'm looking for). Thanks though.

    Cristina; yes! Nausicaa's a pirate princess, that's exactly how I feel about her! I'm also super excited to see Circe on your list, enchanted beach is spot on. I love Circe. And Melusine and Belphoebe too, great top four!

    Sarah; haha, well, I will let you know!! Yay for Pandora on both our lists! I'm very excited about the ones you picked out as your favourites. Loreley is a lovely spelling, is that the original one? I love Calypso too... but I've got a sort-of-friend with a child called Calypso (we've pretty much got the same taste in names). And a third category, the too much names. I kind of agree with you, actually, now that I see them all lined up together, so long and difficult - except Circe of course. Thanks so much!!

    Janis; thank you!!

    Reverie; Magical, feminine, independent and strong! Sounds like a good description of what I'm after, that! Oh, your Lysistrata comment made me laugh, it's so true! And Proserpina too, to me she's very pink velvet and silk, but she's forceful and a bit dangerous too. Pink doesn't need to be cute, it can be very very powerful. I also love what you say about Bellicent, Hespera, Titania and Morgana and Fiammetta (fireball, yes!). There are some that are probably better as a middle, and that's okay. That's what the middle spot's for right? Thank you so much, this made me happy!

    niiskuneiti; whoa, seriously? How cool! I love Tinuviel. If I use her she will be paired with Circe actually.

    Sweet Fey; you can comment when you're feeling creative again. I know you love Pandora, I hope I will have one some day! It's so lovely. Haha, yeah, I do want seven children! Actually I want 12, but Husband's drawn the line. Thanks for your lovely opinion, even if you're uninspired it's always valued.

    Livia; thanks! That's the thing isn't it, finding a good match...

    Cynth; fantastic comments! My heart definitely fluttered at Belphoebe, Niniane, Bellicent (I think the armour association is because of the silvery-metallic sound of the name maybe?), Nuvs, Morgana, Nausicaa!! and Eurydice. I'm also glad you like Pandora, Proserpina and Hespera. Mellonia is the Roman Goddess of bees and honey. Circe, well I don't believe all the horrid stuff. Circe was a beautiful enchantress who lived on her own private and peaceful island. Unfortunately for her drunken sailors kept crashing their ships there and was probably misbehaving. So she kindly offered them drinks which turned them into animals, as a punishment and I like to think because she was a bit bored. Odysseus fell in love with her, which adds to my belief that she must've been a fascinating woman, and he chose to stay on her island for a year, unlike Calypso who held him on her island against his will for eight years (and he cried! he never cried with Circe). Odysseus also called her "the loveliest of all immortals" and I like how that stand up to the Goddess of beauty.

    Butterfly; thank you! Those are two of mine as welll...

    Mila; ah, some excitement about Hespera! That makes my heart flutter! And Tinuviel and Morgana... eek! Makes me happy! Many hymens... oh no! I guess you might be right, haha. Suggestions, let me see. I like Eluned (on my middle list), Artemis (on my middle list), Nerissa (middle), Nimue (but I think I like Niniane more), Ariadne (middle), Sylvia (middle) and Arethusa (but don't want another a-name). Thanks so much!!

    Io; yay for some Callisto love!

    Jen; great top four, thanks! From your suggestions I like Twyla (on my middle list), Ophelia (middle), Cassia (middle) and Helena (middle). Oh, and Guinevere but I don't want a G-name.

    That took me a long time... two hours. Thanks everyone, brilliant work!!
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    Fiammetta- a fiery spirit
    Lorelei- very song-like
    Mellonia- a beautiful melody
    Morgana- gorgeous and unique
    Pandora- very alluring and mystical

    Strongly dislike:
    Villanelle- to close to "Villain"
    Yvaine- too close to vain

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    And the quest continues...

    Baby Bunny will be here in four-ish months and she'll need a name! We've reset our naming criteria, our only rules are now a) it shouldn't start with an A, a G or an O; and b) we should love the name to the stars and back. I read through a lot of my old threads and these have consistently been among my favourites. Some of you've commented on these before... I know I'm a drag, but I need help finding the brightest star in the cluster, the loveliest shell in ocean, the shiniest diamond in the cave. I want enchanting, magical faeries dancing in the forest, nymphs hiding between trees, waterspirits lurking beneath the water's surface. Starshine and moonlight and tranquility.

    I know this is a small ocean of names. If you could help me by telling me your favourites, least favourites, which you think sound nicest with big sister A p h r o d i t e, if some name gives you the warm fuzzies (love this, Augusta said this is how her favourite names make her feel and I'm staling it!) or the creepy shudders, or if a name makes you think of something especially lovely, I'd love to hear it.

    ***If you want to throw in some imagery I won't complain!! I love little (or not so little) name stories, it helps me see clearer***

    Bellicent (BEL-ee-sent)
    Belphoebe (bel-FEE-bee)
    Callisto (kuh-LIS-toe)
    Circe (SUR-see)
    Eimyrja (AY-moor-ya)
    Eurydice (yoo-RI-duh-see)
    Fiammetta (fee-ah-may-tah)
    Hespera (HES-puh-rah)
    Iphigenia (if-i-jen-AY-uh)
    Lorelei (lawr-eh-lei)
    Lysistrata (lih-sih-STRAH-tuh)
    Mardoll/Mardolla (mahr-doll(uh))
    Marzanna (mahr-ZAH-nuh)
    Mellonia (mel-LON-ee-ah)
    Melpomene (mel-PO-muh-nee)
    Melusine (mel-oo-SEEN)
    Morgana (mawr-GAH-nuh)
    Nausicaa (nawz-i-KAY-uh)
    Niniane (nin-i-AH-nuh)
    Pandora (pan-DAW-ruh)
    Polyhymnia (po-lee-HIM-nee-uh)
    Proserpina (pro-suhr-PEE-nuh)
    Tanaquil (tan-AH-kwil)
    Tinuviel (ti-noo-vee-el)
    Titania (ti-TAHN-ee-uh)
    Vanadis (va-nah-deez)
    Villanelle (vil-ah-nell)
    Yvaine (ee-VAYN)

    Husband has not approved of all these names, but he's not rejected any of them entirely. He's usually swayable if some of his trusted berries gives a thumb up, so I'm biding my time...

    If you've got suggestions for us feel free to share! And thanks for reading.
    My favourites:

    I honestly love Pandora & Aphrodite together
    : )

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    Top Five Faves


    Next-In-Line (aka Honorable Mentions)


    Better in the Middle Spot...


    Don't like...

    Lysistrata - long and cumbersome
    Mardoll/Mardolla - "my dolla" is too cutesy to take seriously
    Marzanna - reminds me of the confection called "marzipan"
    Mellonia - looks like two things: melons which are a slang term for "breasts" and a bad spelling of Melania
    Nausicaa - reminds me of the word "nauceous"
    Polyhymnia - sounds like an irregular heartbeat - or too many heartbeats!
    Vanadis - too much like the word "vanity"
    All the best,

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    My Top 4:

    Tinuviel - this has been growing on me more and more! starting to absolutely adore it! ^_^

    They are all beautiful! Lorelei, Mardoll/Mardolla, Marzanna, Mellonia, Tanaquil, Vanadis, and Yvaine are the only names that I don't really care for.
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