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    New Names I am LOVE-ING!

    Hiya, berries!
    I'm counting & relying on you all once again for some honest opinions on more favorite girl's names. I'd really appreciate it if you could share some feedback on some of the names I currently like. Please try to not be rude about it, but still be honest. Tell me what you think! Also, it would be great if you could pair the names with some middle names Thank you so much in advance, berry community! xox

    In no particular order:
    1. Jane- Simple & pretty
    2. Alexandria- regal & powerful
    3. Victoria- regal
    4. Shylah- pretty, variation of my name
    5. Morganne- like this spelling best
    6. Delilah- pretty, feminine
    8. Clara- classy
    9.Opal- unique, feminine
    10. Virginia- classic
    12. Rylei- pretty
    13. Sarah- plain, simple
    14. Carrie- nicknamey, cute.
    15. Lucy- soft and pretty
    16. Alice- classic
    17. Catherine- classy and regal
    19. Rebecca- pretty
    20. Maeve- different and bold
    21. Chanel- bold and girly
    22. Sofia- soft and pretty.
    23. Ellie- cute, feminine, pretty
    24. Cora
    25. Petal
    26. Beatrice
    27. Ariana
    28. Savannah
    29. Arielle
    30. Maggie
    31. Eloise
    32. Lily
    33. Poppy
    34. Cleo
    35. Ottilie
    36. Violet
    37. Lara
    38. Faye
    39. Amelia
    40. Stella
    41. Olympia
    42. Beth
    43. Dawn
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

    Lucy, Madeline, Caroline, Kylie, Bryn, Audrey/Aubrey, & Sierra
    Eli, Caden, Camden, Riley and Caleb

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    Clementine & Tiara

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    100% honesty, no offense intended.

    1. Jane- Beautiful as a first, tired and a bit overdone in the middle unless it has some sort of personal meaning or is honoring someone
    2. Alexandria- I prefer Alexandra, but it's pretty
    3. Victoria- This feels less regal and a bit more tacky to me. All the Victorias I've known have been somewhat crass
    4. Shylah- Has a pretty sound, but lacks substance
    5. Morganne- If you're pronouncing it Morgan, no. If you're pronouncing it Mor-GANNE, sure. Not my style, but I guess it's fine.
    6. Delilah- A pretty sound, but comes with the stigma of biblical Delilah
    8. Clara- Lovely
    9.Opal- I dunno about this. Logically it should fit in with Ruby, but it reminds me more of Oprah than of Opals
    10. Virginia- Classic, not my favorite, but a nice name. I like Ginny as a nn.
    12. Rylei- Tacky and badly spelled.
    13. Sarah- Plain, simple...almost too plain and simple. Needs a stunning middle for me.
    14. Carrie- All I think of is Stephen King
    15. Lucy- It's a nameberry favorite, but I hate the pronunciation. I just think of Loosey-goosey
    16. Alice- Lovely, whimsical. Reminds me of Wonderland.
    17. Catherine- Gorgeous, and my preferred spelling.
    19. Rebecca- Pretty enough, feels a bit old.
    20. Maeve- NMS but i like it well enough
    21. Chanel- Feels tacky to me
    22. Sofia- Soft and pretty and the name of half the other girls in her class
    23. Ellie- Too nicknamey, needs a full first like Eleanor.
    24. Cora - I like it, but it also reminds me of the evil mom on the Once Upon a Time show
    25. Petal - A little too hippie for me
    26. Beatrice - This is growing on me, and Bea is adorable nn
    27. Ariana - I don't see the appeal
    28. Savannah - I don't see the appeal, but Savvy is a cute nn
    29. Arielle - Feels too princessy
    30. Maggie - Nice, needs a full first like Margaret or Magnolia
    31. Eloise - Lovely and lively
    32. Lily - Pretty, but starting to feel tired and overdone
    33. Poppy - Nicknamey, needs a full first. Also I think every girl named Poppy is doomed to have her name typo'd into "Poopy" and suffer extreme embarrassment
    34. Cleo - Madame Cleo
    35. Ottilie - Pretty but I never know how to pronounce this....Oh-tee-lee? Ott-ah-lee?
    36. Violet - Lovely
    37. Lara - feels a bit dated
    38. Faye - I don't hate it. I know a girl whose middle name is Fae (as in, inspired by faries) and I prefer that spelling
    39. Amelia - Lovely
    40. Stella - All I think of is "STEEEEELLLLLAAAAAAAHHH". No idea what the appeal is here.
    41. Olympia - Don't see the appeal.
    42. Beth - To quote one of my favorite fictional characters, "I hate the name Beth. It's so.....Beth"
    43. Dawn- This is one of those that should be gorgeous but just falls flat for me. A nice enough name.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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    1. Jane- I like it but don't love it. It's a solid choice and underused.
    2. Alexandria- uh, I'm not a fan of Alexandra versions, to me they are too close to the very masculine Alexander.
    3. Victoria - is very pretty. I like it a lot.
    4. Shylah- I don't know why but I'm not a fan of "y"s in the middle of names, they look to much like these ultra modern / popular names Kylie, Bryleigh, etc.
    5. Morganne- is not my style
    6. Delilah- a very pretty choice
    8. Clara - I simply adore this name, especially if pronounced Clah-ra not Clair-a.
    9.Opal- it's not my style but it still sounds nice
    10. Virginia- reminds me to much of the state
    12. Rylei- see Shylah
    13. Sarah- I wouldn't use it as it is too plain for me but it's a nice and classic name
    14. Carrie- I associate it with Sex and the City, I don't love it
    15. Lucy - very sweet
    16. Alice - beautiful
    17. Catherine- it's a bit too serious for me
    19. Rebecca- somehow I really don't like this name
    20. Maeve- ok
    21. Chanel- is a brand to me not a name
    22. Sofia - I like that you spelled it with an "f"
    23. Ellie - more a nn than a name
    24. Cora - not my style
    25. Petal - not my style
    26. Beatrice - reminds me of an elderly women
    27. Ariana - ok
    28. Savannah - not my style
    29. Arielle - it sounds nice, and even though I associate it with the little mermaid, I like it
    30. Maggie - more of a nn
    31. Eloise - is a very pretty name
    32. Lily - overused but it's cute
    33. Poppy - cute
    34. Cleo - ok
    35. Ottilie - depends on how you pronounce it
    36. Violet - I love this name, it's beautiful
    37. Lara- ok
    38. Faye - ok
    39. Amelia - love it, it's a shame that it is so popular
    40. Stella - ok
    41. Olympia - reminds me of the Olympic games
    42. Beth - is a bit too old-ladyish for me to like it
    43. Dawn - ok

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    Thanks for the opinions & thoughts, berries. I really like the combo Ellie Beatrice. Sounds classy & sophisticated to me. I also like Catherine Jane, and Lara Catherine Faye. Chanel is a guilty pleasure name, I'm sure I'd never use it. The same with Clementine. I like Delilah Jane, and the fact that it is a biblical name isn't bad for me because I'm religious. Madeline is also a love of mine, it sounds gorgeous paired with a lot of my favorite names... Delilah Madeline, Beatrice Madeline, Sofia Madeline, Lara Madeline, Cora Madeline, etc.
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

    Lucy, Madeline, Caroline, Kylie, Bryn, Audrey/Aubrey, & Sierra
    Eli, Caden, Camden, Riley and Caleb

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    Honest opinions:

    1. Jane- LOVE IT! It's simple, elegant, and classic.
    2. Alexandria- It is very regal, but I prefer Alexandra. I think the -ia ending adds unnecessary frill.
    3. Victoria- Pretty name. I just have some bad associations with it. :P
    4. Shylah-'s sounds nice, but something about the spelling takes away from it. Does that make sense? Maybe not. I'm not really feeling it though.
    5. Morganne- I prefer the Morgan spelling. What do you think of Morgana?
    6. Delilah- Such a sweet name.
    7. Clara- Great choice.
    8. Opal- I don't think I'd be bold enough to use it, but it's a really great name. Reminds me of Because of Winn Dixie (India Opal) and it's my birthstone!
    9. Virginia- It has some southern charm. Just don't use Ginny as a nickname!
    10. Rylei- Is it pronounced like Riley? If so, I find Riley a little too trendy. The spelling isn't doing much for me either.
    11. Sarah- Love it. I'm a fan of the classics.
    12. Carrie- I don't really care for nicknames as first names...just me though. Carrie isn't really my style either.
    13. Lucy- Adorable.
    14. Alice- LOVE IT!
    15. Catherine- One of my favorites, especially in its full form.
    16. Rebecca- Great name.
    17. Maeve- So sweet and absolutely adorable.
    18. Chanel- Not really my style. What about Coco?
    19. Sofia- Love this name. I honestly prefer the Sophia spelling, but so do a lot of people. But I like Sofia a lot too. Reminds me of Sofia Coppola.
    20. Ellie- Again, the nickname thing. But there are so many routes to Ellie- Eleanor, Elizabeth...
    21. Cora- Downton Abbey! Gosh, I'm obsessed. Love the name. Love it. Love it.
    22. Petal- Not really my style. It sounds like a good cat name though.
    23. Beatrice- Great name. Love Bea as a nickname.
    24. Ariana- Not sure I would use it myself, but it's very pretty.
    25. Savannah- Super southern. Like it a lot.
    26. Arielle- Not my style. It's a way to get to Ellie, though. I like Ellie, by the way.
    27. Maggie- Nickname. A great nickname though. What about Margaret, Margo, Marguerite?
    28. Eloise- Adorable. I imagine an Eloise as a real bad-a**.
    29. Lily- Such an awesome name, but it's very popular.
    30. Poppy- So cute.
    31. Cleo- I like it. I wouldn't necessarily use it as a first name, but it stands pretty well on its own.
    32. Ottilie- I really like this name. Not sure on the pronunciation though. (Ott-i-lee, maybe?)
    33. Violet- LOVE IT! So awesome.
    34. Lara- I like Laura a lot better. And Lorelei. Lara just seems a little, well, I don't know, but it's not really my favorite.
    35. Faye- I feel like the "e" is unnecessary. I like Fay a lot better. It sounds like a breath of wind. Or something like that.
    36. Amelia- Great.
    37. Stella- Super pretty.
    38. Olympia- I have an affinity for this name. Definitely not gutsy enough to actually use it though.
    39. Beth- My weird nickname thing. But it's a great nickname for Elizabeth. Reminds me of sweet Beth March.
    40. Dawn- Please no! Sounds so middle aged. Reminds me of a dental hygienist. For whatever weird reason.

    Jane, Clara, Sarah, Lucy, Alice, Catherine, Rebecca, Maeve, Sofia, Cora, Eloise, Lily, Poppy, Violet, and Amelia
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