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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    I know this is a longshot, but I'd love to find someone interested in genealogy in Scotland or England. Of course, I'm happy to share my research with anyone interested in finding American cousins. I also have loads of French Canadian ancestry, but that's been quite easy for me to research on my own.
    I'm a bit of a genealogy buff, although I haven't been able to do much research lately due to school, but I'm planning on throwing myself into it after my final examinations. Last time I was researching, it was family members in England, Scotland and Wales.
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    @Ebony- I guess they're being especially careful because of Judith's health. But if only...
    @Athena- haha that's awesome I live in a dorm so can't really sing here, but I often catch myself singing under my breath when I'm walking somewhere!
    @Gwen- Fantasy isn't really my thing, I tend to read classics/historical fiction. I've heard the Emma Watson thing too, I believe it because I saw her talk about it herself on a TV interview. And you do theatre too?! Awesome- what plays have you been in?
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    @rkrd: I'm an English genealogist I don't have any Scottish ancestry so I'm not that familiar with their records but I've been researching with English records for around 6 years so I know a lot about those ones, and a few tricks of the trade too.

    @Gwen: I'm sure those kiddos did benefit! I'd be very interested to see a US edition. The Watson/rubber incident sounds legit. It's probably very common- my aunt said she made the exact same mistake when she stayed in San Francisco as a teen And yes, bloody! It's a bloody brilliant word

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    Och, I want to see Scotland so bad (as evidenced by my overuse of the word "och", hahaha)! One of my dearest friends is from Scotland, but she's always busy with uni and job hunting that I never get to talk to her anymore.

    This is going to sound slightly strange (and maybe I should just PM you!)... I am currently thinking about writing a novel about a guy who is either from Ireland or Scotland (I'm leaning toward Scotland!), and he moved to the US, to pursue his dream (which I haven't decided on what that is yet). Anywho, I've been trying (very halfheartedly--writing hasn't really been on the forefront of my mind, as I've been trying to get the rest of my life in order in the past year or two) to figure out what life would have been like for him before he moved to America--anything you can shed light on in that area would be wonderful by me, haha. What the weather's like, what Scottish guys are like, common Scottish phrases (besides lassie and laddie and wee and och, haha), what names might have been popular like 20 years ago (since I can't find any statistics that far back!). I'll be reading this thread for your answers to other questions, anyway, as it might give me some answers. But like I said, I tried talking to my Scottish friend about this already, but she was in the middle of writing her thesis, so she didn't really have time.

    I had been thinking of names like Cameron, Brody, Rory, Joshua, William, Sam, Ewan, etc.--is that totally off-base for what would have ever been popular in Scotland in the past 30 years or so?

    Okay. Done now. But can I say how excited I am that you've started this thread?!
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    I'm one of the few Berries from New Zealand. Feel free to ask anything!

    Aaah I want to go to so many of the countries you berries are from!
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