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    My first time...

    naming, that is. I have decided to get a kitten in the next few weeks and one of the best parts about it is that I get sole naming rights! My track record for naming in the past has been spotty at best. My first attempt was to name my little sister Barney if she was a boy, and Baby Bop if she was a girl--clearly I failed on that attempt, because she ended up with a much better name: Greta. But now, I've matured 20 years and am ready to try again!

    I've got my heart set on a female kitty with a "human name", hopefully one with a nickname. I've come up with a list, but want to make sure I haven't missed any great names. The list includes name I really like, but ones I can't see myself using on a future child (I'm saving my all time faves for future children). Opinion and suggestions welcome!

    Here's what I've got so far (in no particular order):

    Esmeralda (Essie)
    Hermione (Miney)
    Penelope (Penny, Nell, Poppy)
    Harriet (Hattie)
    Dorothy (Dory)
    Mabel (Maby)
    Rory (like a lion's roar)
    Clementine (Tiny)
    Truly (as in Truly Scrumptious from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)
    Edith (Edie)
    Nora (I have a cousin named Eleanor, is this strange?)
    Delphine (Delphi)
    Felicity (Fliss)

    Also, do you know any pets with these names?


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    What about Felicity nn Flick? Super cute and spunky for a kitten.

    I have told this story before on here, but I knew a little girl who named her kitten Persephone (get it, Purrrrr-sephone?!?) and I thought it was adorable.

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    You have a great list! I especially love Penelope (nn Penny) and Hermione. I watch a foster cats on livestream and one of the kittens was named Penelope (called Penny) and I thought it was adorable.

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    Felicity (Fliss) and Clementine (Tiny) are my favorites for a kitten!
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    I agree with your use of favorite baby names that you probably won't actually use. lol I feel the same way. Pets are a perfect opportunity to use those names you love, but wouldn't want to give a human, bc of teasing etc. lol

    I love Clementine! And "Tiny" is an ingenious NN for her! Other NNs are "Clemmy" "Clem" & "Minnie".
    I love Hermione as well, especially bc she had a cat & turned into a cat herself in the series. NN "Miney" "Hermy" &"Nene".
    Penelope NN "Penny" "Neli" "Pen" & "Lopie".
    Puuuurrr-sephone (Persephone) is an adorable play on words! NN "Persy" "Purrs" "Sephie" & "Nene".
    Rory is adorable w/ it's "roar" like a tiny lion. It would also work for a boy cat.
    I don't think Nora is strange, lol. I think it's cute! NN could be "Nori" which is Japanese for the seaweed used in sushi. The whole fish + cat thing is adorable. This also works for sushi lovers (like myself lol) & could be a name all on its own as well!
    Felicity, NN "Fliss" or "Flick" is cute. (I especially like "Flick"). lol
    Delphi is adorable & could also be a name all on it's own!

    If you like names that have a double meaning or play on words (like Purrr-sephone lol), I'd try names that start w/K or C for the whole "Kitty" "Kitten" "Kit" "Kat" "Cat" "Cats" word play lol... like Kit, Katya, K/Catherine, K/Catie, K/Cat, etc.
    There's also the possibility of using other cat-related words, like Paws, Tails, Claws, Fur, Hiss, Scratch, Swish, Flick, Whiskers, Fluff, Fuzz, Mouse, Rat, Fish, Bird, Pet, Belly, Rub, Purr, Lion, Tiger, Panther, Puma, Jaguar, Cheetah, Saber Tooth Tiger, Leopard, Bobcat, Mountain Lion, Cougar, Cub, Bite, Roar, Meow, Mew, Nya, Mow, Climb, etc. Egyptian names since they worshiped cats. Fictional & cartoon cat names. Books, movies, TV shows, Myths, etc.

    At this point I'm just brainstorming for fun, lol, here are some thoughts:
    Leo, Leona, Lionel, Leonard, Leonardo ("leopard" "lion")
    Pawson, Pawsten, Clawson, Paul, Claude, ("paw" "claw")
    Tailia, Talia, Tallie, Tala, Talon, ("tail" "tails" "talon", a bird's claw)
    Mue, Mui, Mew, Moward, Meoward, Mimi, ("Mew" "Meow" "Mow")
    Bob, Robert, Bobbie, ("bobcat")
    Nemo, Dory, Marlin, Fisher, Merlin, Oceana, Shelly, Selene, Aqua, Minnow, Bleu, Marina, Finn, ("fish" "ocean" "sea")
    Tweety, Birdie, Raven, Pidge, Wren, Robin, Sparrow, Jay, Crow(ley), Penguin(Pen,Penny), Hen(ry,rietta), Owl(ina), Budgie, Polly(parrot), Haw(ins), ("bird")
    Mousen, Mouser, Ratter, Hunter, Micen, Brice, ("mouse" "rat" "mice")
    Cleopatra, Cleo, Tut, Tuttie, Queenie, King, Kingston, Egypt, Jewel, (Egyptian)
    Nala, Simba, Mufasa, Sarabi, Scar(lett), Zazu, Timone, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Kovu, Kiara, (The Lion King)
    Belle, Bella, Isabelle, Annabelle, ("belly")
    Persian, Persia, Persephone, Percival, Pearl, ("purr")
    Tigerlily, Tiger, Tai, Tigger, Tyson, Stripes, ("tiger")
    Jagger, Jag, Forrest, ("jaguar")
    Pansie, Pan, Panni, Pandora, Pana, ("panther")
    Rita, Chee, Chea, Chia, Spots, ("cheetah")

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