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    Nora Adelaide - Love.
    Shiloh Elizabeth - Love! So spunky and cute.
    Ruby Genevieve - Not really my style, but I think it's okay. Ruby Adelaide instead?
    Lorelei Rae - Don't seem to really go together, although I like both names. Coraline Rae?

    Oliver Jude - Love so much.
    Levi Elliot -I like both, but there's a weird flow.
    Wyatt Samuel - I really like this.
    Emmett Reid - Super cute.
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    Nora Adelaide - Wonderful names, but the consecutive "a" sound trips me up when I say it aloud.
    Shiloh Elizabeth - Shiloh exudes a unisex vibe that the other female names lack, which--while neither inherently positive nor negative--is something to be aware of.
    Ruby Genevieve - I like these two on their own, but the juxtaposition of the disparate Ruby and Genevieve is jarring.
    Lorelei Rae - This is perhaps my favorite of your combos--a strong, longer first with a simple middle.

    Oliver Jude - Saying this name aloud makes me feel rhythmic. The syllabic flow is ideal.
    Levi Elliot - The consecutive "i" and "e" could create an unpleasant diphthong when the name is spoken with haste.
    Wyatt Samuel - Because Wyatt and Samuel are both trochaic, they seem unexciting when side-by-side.
    Emmett Reid - Emmett and Reid are a stylistic match. The one syllable middle complements the longer first.

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