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    What do you think of these combos?

    So, I've had a go at putting together some combinations for my favourite boys names. Please let me know what you think of these. Which are your favourites, which don't you like, etc. If you have suggestions for alternative middles for any of these names, please let me know! Thanks.

    Arthur Barnaby
    Bennett George
    Frederick James
    Henry Theodore
    Hugo Laurence
    Marco Alexander
    Matteo Sebastian
    Peter Willoughby
    Reed Montgomery
    Rupert Spencer
    Theodore Louis
    Walter Sterling
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    Arthur Barnaby: I like the echoed 'ar' noise.
    Hugo Laurence: I've grown fonder of Laurence since using the name in my book. It sounds good with Hugo.
    Marco Alexander: This feels Italian to me, even with Alexander.
    Frederick James: Lovely and traditional.


    Henry Theodore
    Matteo Sebastian
    Peter Willoughby
    Rupert Spencer
    Theodore Louis
    Walter Sterling: I like Sterling as a middle name very much.

    Not too sure on:

    Bennett George: I want to like Bennett but it's a surname, so I can't
    Reed Montgomery: With Reed I just think of a plant. I know that's daft because of all the flower names.

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    Arthur Barnaby - LOVE this, makes me think of a very cuddly boy lol! I also love Arthur George
    Bennett George - OK
    Frederick James - LOVE Frederick, but I prefer Frederick Charles
    Henry Theodore - OK
    Hugo Laurence - LOVE, but prefer Lawrence, looks more masculine
    Marco Alexander - LOVE, has an exotic flair, but is grounded by the traditional Alexander
    Matteo Sebastian - LOVE, again has that exotic flavour
    Peter Willoughby - I see Willoughby more as a surname, I prefer Peter Francis
    Reed Montgomery - I like Reed, but spelt Reid, LOVE Montgomery. I'd probably switch them - Montgomery Reid
    Rupert Spencer - LOVE, Rupert is a GP name for me, and Spencer compliments it well - feels very British!
    Theodore Louis - LOVE, this is an adorable combo, feels cuddly to me
    Walter Sterling - OK, but prefer Walker to Walter

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    Favorites (in no order):

    Arthur Barnaby -- So handsome and strong and a tiny bit quirky.
    Hugo Laurence -- Hugo is just the right amount of quirk with the old and handsome Laurence
    Marco Alexander -- Same as above. Marco is sort of fashion model to me, and Alexander is a classic and it's very hustorical

    Second tier favorites:

    Matteo Sebastian -- I don't really like Matteo so that's why it's here for me, but it goes really well with Sebastian. I love the combo
    Theodore Louis -- Here's this again, I don't really like Theodore, but Theodore Louis is very handsome.
    Walter Sterling -- Walter makes me think of a terrible child I worked with but putting that aside, this one is nice, but Sterling really seems like an odd one with the rest of the names. He's a lot more quirky to me than anything else on here.

    These are just so-so:

    Frederick James -- This one does nothing for me. Frederick is sort of meh compared to other on here and James seems so boring with a lot of your other middles
    Henry Theodore -- This is just two names I don't like all that much so together, for me, it's safe and boring. I think it's a fine combo though, and I'm sure with other people who's taste is more in that vein, it's great. There's just no spark here.
    Rupert Spencer -- This sort of thing doesn't usually bother me, but here it does. I don't like the repeating -er sounds. Maybe because they're pretty close together? I really like Rupert, but Spencer always seems really kiddish to me.

    I don't like these:

    Bennett George -- I just strongly don't like Bennett for no good reason. I think it'd be fine as George Bennett. I think the flows better and I think it matches better with the other combos that way.
    Peter Willoughby -- I don't know what's so unpleasant about this for me. I know I find Willoughby strange with the others. I just don't like it with Peter. George Willoughby? Yes! I love George Willoughby way more than Peter. Peter Bennett sounds good too.
    Reed Montgomery -- I just think the flow is odd. Montgomery Reed sound bad though.

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    your naming style is very different from mine - im not really into old man/ traditional names- so my feedback and opinion maybe your opposite

    Hugo Laurence - love this combo its my fav, it feels right at home as a 1920'a movie stars name
    Next fav is Walter Sterling - altho i prefer Sterling as a first name.

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