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    Quote Originally Posted by nyx View Post
    My impressions of your favorite boys names are that they are all strong, masculine, classic name that has been around for a long time (and will most likely continue to be around for a long time), and will fit in and be recognized many places. Here are some other names that fit the bill:

    William, Jacob, Charles, Steven/Stephen/Steve, Scott, Brian/Bryan, John/Jonathon, Luke/Lucas, Peter, Timothy, Joseph, Samuel, Daniel, Owen, Jacob, Joshua, Ethan, Adam, Louis/Lewis, Jude, Joel, Seth, Patrick, Hugo, Ewan/Ewen/Euan, Ryan, Phillip/Philip, Jason, Jonah, Miles, Milo, Alan, Travis, Martin

    I could make a case for any of the above names, but it doesn't matter what I say. I suggest that you give any name that doesn't give you an immediate negative response a good thinking through (including saying the name aloud, saying some combos with the name aloud, look into the history of the name, and find some people who have the name -past or poten present- and see how they have carried it).

    Best of luck with it.
    THank you so much!
    Thoughts in this thread?

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    Are you actually pregnant?

    My answer would really depend on whether you are pregnant (or your sister is?), or a 20 year -old having theoritical discussions.

    If you're about to give birth, and BEFORE your sister, the name is yours!
    If she's about to give birth, the choice is hers.

    My advice, either way, is NOT to commit too hard to any name before you see your baby.
    I had a list of 5 great names, not one of which I could use when I gave birth the 1st time.
    With my second baby, I was smarter, and waited a few days.
    I can tell you story after story of women with "name regret" for committing too soon, or changing their minds after giving birth.

    You are naming a human being, give him a chance to look you in the eye... keep an ongoing list and hope for the best!

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by expatb View Post
    My answer would really depend on whether you are pregnant (or your sister is?), or a 20 year -old having theoretical discussions.
    I agree with this, as your tastes might change. My brother chose Eli for his son, although Elias was a top name, which I had planned to use. My sister had a daughter, Isabella, about 6 or 7 years ago. It was one of my all-time top names, and I was so sad to see it go. However, I was still single. Now that I'm married, my husband hates Elias with a passion, and Isabella is so common now that I'd never use it. So time can change your preferences, even your top names.

    If you're 100% sure about James, then use it. I know of 2 cousins both named Brigh@m Wilson. In my husband's family, there are 2 cousins both named Meys@m Zolgh@dr. It happens... It might be a bigger issue if you plan to live in the same city, but I only see my cousins every 5-10 years... so it's not such a big issue. James is a great name, in that there are so many nicknames... James, Jim, Jimmy, Jamie, J.P., J.J., etc.

    A name is a name... no one owns it. So just take it in stride.
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    I also agree that your sister doesn't own the James name either. Like the other posters have said; if your son comes first, then use it!! My sister and I are going through something similar. I'm pregnant now, but don't know the gender yet. We both want Nathan for our own sons' name. Rest assured though, if mine is a boy now, then Nathan it is!!!!

    For whatever reason though, if you don't use James, I like alternates such as: Charles, David, John, Patrick, and Benjamin.

    Good luck- be strong!

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    My first thought when I read your names was James Alexander King _. I have 101 relatives named James in my family tree so I named my son Jamin. I only know two others and would not be offended if you used it. But on the other hand, if you really, really love James, and it has been your name for a while, then by all means, use it. My cousins were pregnant at the same time and both loved the name Haley. Nicole had her baby first, named her Haley Autumn. Melanie named her daughter Kaylee Nicole. No hard feelings, what so ever. I predict once both babies, whatever their names end up being, arrive into the family will be loved as individuals. All preferences in the past.

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