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    I would love to hear more suggestions please!
    Thoughts in this thread?

    Jasper Samuel Orion | Henrik Matthias Reid
    Lydia Primrose | Diana Cataleya (Leya) | Mattea Glory (Tea) | Beatrix Illyria |

    Cora | Gemma |Adalind | Arya
    Remy | Peter | Alaric | Elijah

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    I like Teddy it's on my list, in the UK it can be short for Edward

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    How far off in the future is having children for you? Is it worth worrying about just yet? Things can change maybe your partner or hers will veto James anyway.

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    Use it. No one "owns" a name. You said that you guys live in separate states so with distance, and different middle and last names go for it. It sucks when people "steal" names and then act silly over it.

    With my first child we were considering Benjamin David-Isaac as a baby boy name and baby's dad's best friend named their kid Isaak David. I would've still used it because they're not same name and I had our baby first but yeah, it sucked they stole our names. We ended up having a girl (Avila Ireland-Nicole) anyway so it's whatever. Same friends used the name Amelia (except spelled it "Amellia") after hearing it make our short list for our second baby. Luckily it got vetoed for Iris so it doesn't matter but if I loved it I would've used it anyway. I like Iris a lot better with Avila than Amelia anyway. lol

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    My impressions of your favorite boys names are that they are all strong, masculine, classic name that has been around for a long time (and will most likely continue to be around for a long time), and will fit in and be recognized many places. Here are some other names that fit the bill:

    William, Jacob, Charles, Steven/Stephen/Steve, Scott, Brian/Bryan, John/Jonathon, Luke/Lucas, Peter, Timothy, Joseph, Samuel, Daniel, Owen, Jacob, Joshua, Ethan, Adam, Louis/Lewis, Jude, Joel, Seth, Patrick, Hugo, Ewan/Ewen/Euan, Ryan, Phillip/Philip, Jason, Jonah, Miles, Milo, Alan, Travis, Martin

    I could make a case for any of the above names, but it doesn't matter what I say. I suggest that you give any name that doesn't give you an immediate negative response a good thinking through (including saying the name aloud, saying some combos with the name aloud, look into the history of the name, and find some people who have the name -past or poten present- and see how they have carried it).

    Best of luck with it.

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