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    Halloween Costume CAF ** pics **

    NAME the families according to their Halloween costumes! ** PICS **

    The Garner Family

    DH & DW : Think they’re pretty cute like

    DD/DD14 : These two do everything together,

    DS 10 : was inspired by this idea based on a videogame he plays

    DS 6 : wants to get a few scares as

    DD 2 : cant wait to be because of her love for Pocahontas

    DOG : they though this would be pretty arfletic :

    The Hawkins Family

    DH & DW : trying to be cool with this contemporary look

    DD18 : will stand out on campus in this

    DS15 : is going this route with his girlfriend

    DD/DS/DS8: The little girl will go as while her brothers team up as

    DD 2 : will go as because she’s a tomboy through and through

    DOG : cuddly as ever :

    The Ibsen Family

    DH & DW : with little kids, they can get away with

    DS3 : thinks he’s the coolest in his costume

    DS/DS 1 : are dressing as & because they love their farm books

    DOG : A truly majestic beast :

    The Judd Family

    DH & DW : their kids love this

    DD5 : will be going as to celebrate her favorite villain

    DS4m : is dressing as because he’s mommy’s little superhero

    DOG : pretty darn cute

    The Kingsley Family

    DH & DW : are getting major cool points going as

    DS/DS/DS7 : The boys will go as and

    DD4: will go as a pretty little

    DOG : kids thought this was hilarious

    The Lowe-Patterson Family

    DH & DH : these cool dads will get noticed as

    DD6 : is dressed as her favorite snack

    DS21/2 : will dress as to commemorate his favorite movie

    DOG : Because, awe!

    The McCabe Family

    Mother : will dress modestly and adorably as one of her girls’ favorite characters

    DD 11 : is classically cool in this option

    DD7 : can’t wait to garner giggles as

    DD6m : is dressed as because of her love for all things oceanic!

    GUINEA PIG : the girls laughed and laughed at this one

    The Norton Family

    Dad : forever the coolest, this single dad is going as

    DD17 : Ms Popular is doing this group costume with her friends :

    DS14 : thinks he’s pretty funny going to a party like

    DD9 : is going with this trend-heavy option

    DOG : Cool dad, cool dog

    The Owens Family

    DH & DW : their little clan thinks is pretty funny

    DS6 : Thinks this will be a real HIT

    DS/DD 4 : These twins dressed as & COULDN’T be more different!

    DS3 : thinks his costume is absolutely hilarious

    DD9m : will go trick-or-treating for the first time as because she’s so girly!

    KITTEN : Precious & simple

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    Delta Frye Garner and his wife Freya Danielle Garner (Quimby) dressed as Salt & Pepper while their twin daughters (14) Hadley June and Jensen Havana Garner dressed as Thing 1 & 2. Their 10 year old creepy tree of a son Isley Kellen scared the neighbors as did little bro T Rex Kane Isaiah. The resident dog, Ellie, was dressed adorably as a football.

    Leland Noble Hawkins and the lovely Norah Lynne Hawkins (Ruiz) dressed as Sheldon & Amy Farrah Fowler which was pretty cool. Their daughter away at college, Mirabelle Olive, dressed as a gumball machine while her teen brother Oakley Miles dressed like Popeye with his girlfriend Nicole as Olive Oyl. The 8 year old triplets were a hit, with Paisley Raven as a peacock with a full tutu and her goofy brothers Reid Palmer and Roderick Penn as twin pinatas. Their little sister Sofie Quinlyn knows there’s no crying in baseball. The Hawkins pup Moxie is a cute TY beanie baby.

    Tannen Valor Ibsen & his bride Vienna Tatum Ibsen (Sutton) dress as Steve & Blue. Their 3 year old son Willem Ulrich is a super cool ninja and his twin brothers, now 1, are a chicken and a cow; Zaden Xander and Xavier Zachary. Let’s not forget Ulysses the liondog.

    Friends of the Ibsens, Adler Casey Judd and his wife Cambria Adelaide Judd (Townsend) are dressed as the fairly odd parents which is pretty cool alongside Cruella deVille, their 5 year old daughter Berkley Desiree and 4 month old Declan Bronte who is Clark Kent transforming into Superman. They’ll tote Bingo, the giraffe-dog.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Easton Grey Kingsley and Gabriella Eleanor Kingsley (Underwood) will take their triplet sons Finley Howell, Frost Huxley, and Fallon Hawthorne out to trick – or – treat as Batman, Robin, and the Joker. 4 year old daughter Hazel Faye is dressed to impress as Audrey Hepburn. Big old dog Farley will hope to get some attention this year too.

    Kiernan Ian Lowe and his partner Idric Klein Patterson are dressed to impress as the Lone Ranger characters. Their adopted daughter Joy Lin will be dressed as popcorn while her toddler brother Luxor Justin will be the man in the yellow hat with accompanying curious george. Their pooch Judith is dressed adorably as a deer.

    Single mama Morganna Olympia McCabe is dressed as Mary Poppins to accompany her daughters 11 year old frappucino Orlee Maeve, 7 year old “raining cats and dogs” Priscilla Noralie and 6 month old Naima Posey, the SCUBA baby. They will take along their hot dog guinea pig Nixon

    Single dad Quaid Sullivan Norton rocks as Beeker. His awesome teen daughter Simone Quinella will go as the “paper” portion of a Rock Paper Scissors trio with her girls. 14 year old Radley Tristan is a stick man, while 9 year old Taylinn Rae will be Elsa. Their dog Roebuck will be the KING.

    Cookie monster Vanessa Wren Owens (VanMaur) and her hubbie, chocolate chip Waylon Vaughn Owens have a 6 year old iPod named Zephyr Bellamy, a 4 year old butterfly named Brielyn Zinnia and a 4 year old army guy named Bertram Zeller, plus a 3 year old “bum” named Archer Cole and a 9 month old flower named Calla Adrielle. They also have a baby halloweenie kitten named Dahlia

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    The Garner Family
    DH: Michael James "Mike"
    DW : Elizabeth Ann "Liz"
    DD/DD14 : Samantha Jean & Seraphina Joy "Sam & Sera"
    DS 10 : Benjamin Lee "Ben"
    DS 6 : Nathaniel Wayne "Nate"
    DD 2 : Allison Michelle "Ali"
    DOG : Peyton

    The Hawkins Family
    DH: Paul Levi
    DW: Ruby Jane
    DD18 : Molly Grace
    DS15 : Corey Nathaniel
    DD/DS/DS8: Jessa Nicole, Jaxon Neil, & Joel Norris
    DD 2 : Maggie Claire
    DOG : Bear

    The Ibsen Family
    DH: William Tate
    DW : Mallory Leigh
    DS3 : Matthew Travis
    DS/DS 1 : Raelee Grace & Arron Tate
    DOG : Bhodi

    The Judd Family
    DH: Maximus Andrew "Max"
    DW : Laura Katherine
    DD5 : Katherine Maxwell "Katie"
    DS4m : Andrew Larue "Drew"
    DOG : Solomon

    The Kingsley Family
    DH: Ryan Nicholas
    DW : Jaime Kate
    DS/DS/DS7 : Noah Jace, Rhys Nolan, & Tate Aaron
    DD4: Alivia Ryanne
    DOG : Hogan

    The Lowe-Patterson Family
    DH: Joseph Aaron "Joe"
    DH : Eric James "EJ"
    DD6 : Amanda Joyce "Amy"
    DS21/2 : Brayden Joel "BJ"
    DOG : Rory

    The McCabe Family
    Mother : Sarah Jane
    DD 11 : Lily Grace
    DD7 : Haley Brooke
    DD6m : Riley Anne
    GUINEA PIG : Nibbles

    The Norton Family
    Dad : Brad Foster
    DD17 : Madeline Ruth "Maddie"
    DS14 : Elijah Parker "Eli"
    DD9 : Jennifer Rose "Jenny"
    DOG : Roxx

    The Owens Family
    DH: Brock Michael
    DW : Emily Danielle
    DS6 : Kamryn Michael
    DS/DD 4 : Bryson Daniel & Ainsley Nicole
    DS3 : Trace Lucas
    DD9m : Emilia Grace
    KITTEN : Pumpkin

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    The Garners:
    DH: Hal Jeffrey Garner
    DW: Amy Kathleen Garner (Richmond)

    DD/DD: Hailey Faith Garner & Katelyn Grace Garner (14)
    DS: Jonah Jeffrey Garner (10)
    DS: Aiden Malachi Garner (6)
    DD: Olivia Rose Garner (2)

    DOG: Stella

    The Hawkins':
    DH: Richard Martin Hawkins
    DW: Stephanie Joy Hawkins (Morris)

    DD: Victoria Louise Hawkins (18)
    DS: Reuben Anthony Hawkins (15)
    DD/DS/DS: Amelia Faye Hawkins, Rylan Christopher Hawkins & Rowan Nicholas Hawkins (8)
    DD: Sophia Quinn Hawkins (2)

    DOG: Simon

    The Ibsens:
    DH: Holt Martin Ibsen
    DW: Jasmine Maria Ibsen (Caraway)

    DS: Kai Matteo Ibsen (3)
    DS/DS: Max Luciano Ibsen & Ace Emiliano Ibsen (1)

    DOG: Riptide

    The Judds:
    DH: Caleb Alexander Judd
    DW: Alicia Payton Judd (Manning)

    DD: Isabelle Alexis Judd (5)
    DS: Noah Johannes Judd (4m)

    DOG: Rufus

    The Kingsleys:
    DH: Jameson Nathan Kingsley
    DW: Kelsey Beth Kingsley (Steinfeld)

    DS/DS/DS: Leon Ralph Kingsley, Liam Jude Kingsley & Levi Drew Kingsley (7)
    DD: Ruby Clare Kingsley (4)

    DOG: Marvin

    The Lowe-Pattersons:
    DH: Brian Paul Lowe-Patterson
    DH: Felix Guthrie Lowe-Patterson

    DD: Sydney Rebecca Lowe-Patterson (6)
    DS: Asher Louis Lowe-Patterson (2 1/2)

    DOG: Dennis

    The McCabes:
    Mother: Lydia Elle McCabe

    DD: Ella Felicia McCabe (11)
    DD: Nelly Christine McCabe (7)
    DD: Faye Amelia McCabe (6m)

    GUINEA PIG: Scrooge

    The Nortons:
    Dad: David John Norton

    DD: Ashley June Norton (17)
    DS: Adam Thomas Norton (14)
    DD: Abigail Saige Norton (9)

    DOG: Nico

    The Owens': Cassidy Carlisle Carter Clinton Cohen Collins
    DH: Gavin Oliver Owens
    DW: Julia Holly Owens (Britton)

    DS: Crosby George Owens (6)
    DS/DD: Cameron Henry Owens & Campbell Victoria Owens (4)
    DS: Cohen William Owens (3)
    DD: Cassidy Elizabeth Owens (9m)

    KITTEN: Lola

    Clara Luella Esther Cecilia Agnes Matilda
    Gustav Martinus Vincent Johan Wilhelm Edward

    Alvdis • Aria • Cadence • Dagny • Eilish • Eir • Ffion • Greta • Hedda • Io • Maisie • Margo • River

    Angus • Beau • Birch • Henry • Imre • Johan • Orion • Pil • Silas • Storm • Timothy • Tindre

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    name-obsessed british teenberry


    marina genevieve priya and theo alexander milun

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