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    Your 65th birthday

    Your children are throwing you a party for your 65th birthday. You are sitting back taking a look at your family. Smiling. Your family consists of you:
    Your spouse (whom you married at 17):


    Who did each of these children marry or partner up with and how many kids of their own do they have?
    Mama to 7 lovely kiddos. Preparing for our rainbow baby in February 2017

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    Your children are throwing you a party for your 65th birthday. You are sitting back taking a look at your family. Smiling. Your family consists of you: Stella Michele
    Your spouse (whom you married at 17): Benjamin Wyatt

    Daughter: Ayla Sparrow
    Son: Booker Thomas
    Son: Jonah James
    Daughter: Astrid Michele
    Daughter: Naia Marie
    Son: Kingston Michael
    Daughter: TheodoraTheaJune
    Daughter: Rosie Alexandra
    Son: NathanielNateWyatt
    Daughter: EliaEllieHolland
    Son: Julian Xavier
    Son: Orion “Rion” Flynn
    Son: Dexter Benjamin
    Son: AugustusGusJayce
    Son: FitzgeraldFitzDane
    Daughter: Natalia Evangeline

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    Your children are throwing you a party for your 65th birthday. You are sitting back taking a look at your family. Smiling. Your family consists of you: Maria Francesca
    Your spouse (whom you married at 17): James Donatello

    Daughter: Jamie Marie - Married... Matthew James - Had a daughter Francine Desiree
    Son: Donald Tyler (Donnie) - Single
    Son: Ryan Michael - Married..... Sherri Lorainne - had twin girls Sophia Lorielle and Pheobe Michelle
    Daughter: Talia Marceline - Single
    Daughter: Katrina Helene - Married.....Jared Daniel - had a son Daniel James
    Son: Nicholas Bernard - Married......Marissa Jane - had a son Nico Gerard, daughter Kaylee Josephine and son Marcus Edwin
    Daughter: Francesca Celine - Married Julius Martin had a daughter Selena Danielle and twin sons David Aaron and Lucas Owen
    Daughter: Bernadette Jean - Married .....Samuel Alan - had a son Stefan Bernard
    Son: Christopher Joseph - Married.....Karla Suzanne - had triplet girls... Soleil Rea, Simone Fea and Serena Mea
    Daughter: Giavanna Cherri - Married.... Reuben Thaddeus - had two boys a year apart, Raphael Donovan and Roderick Dashiell
    Son: Jesse Elijah - Married ...... Therese Solome - had a daughter Tessa Marie and a son Thomas James
    Son: Lucian Paul - Single
    Son: Simeon Isaac - Engaged to Aubrielle Thomasina
    Son: Randolf Harrison - Married ......Patrice Victoria - had a daughter Juliette Analiese and a son Ezekiel Francis
    Son: Theodore Alonzo - College student
    Daughter: Anna Maria - High School student

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    Me: Eliza Antoinette Archer.
    Husband: Declan Edward Archer.

    Daughter: Mina Katherine Harlow.
    - Emmett Ronald Harlow.
    ... Étoile Colette Harlow.
    ... Rosalie Marie Harlow.
    ... Augustine Pierre Harlow.

    Son: Julian Harry Archer.
    - Iris Kaitlin Archer.
    ... Elsie Rose Archer.
    ... Ruth Brittany Archer.
    ... Finley Liliana Archer.

    Son: Atticus Michael Archer.
    - Caroline Josephine Archer.
    ... Adele Patricia Archer.
    ... Henry William Archer.
    ... Zinnia Hayden Archer.
    ... Charity Kay Archer.
    ... Marjorie Laura Archer.
    ... Layla Isobel Archer.

    Daughter: Violet Marie Archer-Harley.
    - Caleb Joseph Archer-Harley.
    ... Marigold Bernice Archer-Harley.
    ... Azula Ophelia Archer-Harley.

    Daughter: Amelia Jessica Sheridan.
    - Charles Philip Sheridan.
    ... Riley Jordan Sheridan.
    ... Carina Rose Sheridan.
    ... Addison Nicole Sheridan.

    Son: Colton Gregory Archer.
    - Vi Ursule Archer.
    ... Imogene Viviana Archer.

    Daughter: Claire Penelope Archer-Adair.
    - Cynthia Dolores Archer-Adair.

    Daughter: Beth Rose Archer.
    - Declan Kyle Archer.
    ... Harper Eloise Archer.
    ... Louise Hannah Archer.
    ... Daphne Elisabeth Archer.
    ... Savannah Megan Archer.

    Son: Finn Marius Archer.
    ... Annunziata Maria Archer.

    Daughter: Crystal Imogen Archer.
    - Darrin Hayden Redmond.
    ... Anastasia Mari Archer-Redmond.

    Son: Niall Alexandre Archer.
    - Pamela Josephine Archer.
    ... Ashlyn Jaime Archer.
    ... Catherine Joelle Archer.
    ... Eleanor Jessica Archer.
    ... Esme Jordin Archer.
    ... Vivian Joyce Archer.

    Son: Leopold Victor Archer.
    - Linda Catharina Archer.
    ... Daniel Max Archer.
    ... Eliana Jade Archer.
    ... Lydia Rosette Archer.

    Son: Magnus Brian Archer.
    - Lottie Danielle Archer.
    ... Chester Nathaniel Archer.

    Son: Rowan Shane Archer.
    - Meg Beatrice Archer.

    Son: Theodore Jaime Archer.
    - Ignatius Edmond Fitzpatrick.
    ... Sophie Antonia Archer-Fitzpatrick.

    Daughter: Beretta Rosa Archer.
    ... Bianca Therese Archer.

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    Your children are throwing you a party for your 65th birthday. You are sitting back taking a look at your family. Smiling. Your family consists of:
    You: Angela Grace Harvey
    Your spouse (whom you married at 17): Samuel Caleb Harvey (68)

    Daughter: Prudence Louise Jonas (47)
    DH: Frank Joseph Jonas (51)
    DD: Meredith Arielle Jonas (24)
    DS: Jacob Harvey Jonas (18)
    DD: Samantha Ann Jonas (12)

    Son: James Vincent Harvey (43)
    DW: Jennifer Cathleen Harvey (43)
    DS: Jack Robert Harvey (11)
    DS: John Pierce Harvey (10)
    DD: Jane Lucille Harvey (4)- t
    DD: Jade Louise Harvey (4)- t

    Son: Nathaniel John Harvey (41)
    DW: Isobel Evelyn Harvey (42)
    DD: Zara Seraphine Harvey (14)
    DD: Vivienne Grace Harvey (10)
    DD: Arabella Mathilde Harvey (6)
    DD: Emmanuelle Ida Harvey (2)

    Daughter: Florence Emily Montenegro (38)
    DH: Felix Scott Montenegro (40)
    DD: Fable Charlotte Montenegro (4)
    DS: Frederick Jude Montenegro (2)
    DS: Flynn Vincent Montenegro (1)

    Daughter: Rosalie Barbara Gelbert (35)
    DH: Leonard Daniel Gilbert (51)
    DS: Peter George Gilbert (8)
    DS: Henry MichaelGilbert (3)
    DD: Virginia CecilyGilbert (1)

    Son: Michael Kevin Harvey (34)
    DW: Emma Jane Harvey (31)
    DD: Olive Natalie Harvey (3)
    DD: Ivy Josephine Harvey (nb)

    Daughter: Caroline Matilda Quinn (33)
    DH: Cristopher Taylor Quinn (29)
    DD: Constance Katherine Quinn (2)
    DS: Cruz Kristopher Quinn (2)

    Daughter: Eliza Valencia Morgan (32)
    DH: Yves Etienne Morgan (34)
    DS: Trumnan Manuel Morgan (9)
    DS: Gabriel Gerard Morgan (4)

    Son: Richard Douglas Harvey (31)
    GF: Katherine Hope Rogers (22)
    DD: Harper Alexandra Harvey (1)

    Daughter: Temperance Violet Oliver (29)
    DH: Leo Bartholomew Oliver (36)
    DD: Demetria Blair Oliver (7)
    DS: Anderson Elijah Oliver (6)

    Son: Lawrence William Harvey (29)
    DW: Ellen Judith Harvey (27)
    DD: Spencer Meredith Harvey (2)

    Son: George Calvin Harvey (27)
    GF: Ursula Jillian Washington (27)
    DD: Ray Clementine Harvey (1)

    Son: Thomas Samuel Harvey (25)
    GF: Christine Olivia Stanford (25)
    DD: Harlow Melody Harvey (2)

    Son: Charles Joseph Harvey (23)
    DW: Emily-Marie Wooldridge (20)

    Son: Paul Cristopher Harvey (22)
    GF: Amanda Amy Jefferson (24)

    Daughter: Katherine Mary Brandon (22)
    DH: Mark Noah Brandon (25)
    DD: Minnie Angela Brandon (4)
    DS: Ian Gabriel Brandon (2)
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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