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    weird girls names, traditional boys names

    Just wondering if I'm the only one with this problem...

    I LOVE off the beaten path girls' names.. funky names that are either made up or very uncommon. (We have a daughter, and her name is like this. We basically made it up.)

    But... for BOYS.. I can't really get comfortable with anything besides a normal, traditional name. I'd like it to not be TOO common (though William is one of my faves), but definitely a real name people have heard of.

    We're trying for number two shortly, and I'm actually worried if we have a boy my kids' names will sound bizarre together. Is anybody else like this with boy and girl names?? I can't explain it!

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    That seems to be the trend right now. I think if you think carefully about your favourites you can find some that mesh well even though they'll be different styles.
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    My husband does this a lot.

    I can understand liking names from each category but he wanted to make up a sibset where girls are things like Winter, Raven, Indigo, and then Jonathan, Isaac, Owen for boys. Whiplash! I was fine with either bunch but not with the other, you know?

    I'm big into picking either normal or weird and then riding it out for all your kids. I had the "weird" name to my siblings' very normal names and I would have been fine if we were all weird or all normal but it was strange to stand out and people DID notice.

    I told him whatever we have first will sort of set the tone. Artsy or classic. He picked a couple classic girls' names he doesn't mind, and a couple more uncommon boys' names.

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    You can always try to balance them out, like choose an unusual first with a classical middle, or vice versa. That might help your kids feel more like a "set". Or try to find "edgier" classics or stick to the normal end of your Wild Weirds.
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    They can balance each other out, in a way. I think you should just pick a less popular, or an older classic name.
    May I ask what your daughter's name is? Maybe I could try suggesting some things?

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