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    I like it - it is uncommon but familiar. It fits in the girl-name trend of short, vowel-first-letter names (Ella, Ava, Eve, Isla, etc.) but is more unique/classic at the same time. Also, it fits the vintage, old-lady name (aka clunky-chic name) trend, so I can't imagine that your daughter would be the only one in her peer group with this name-style. The family connection is a huge plus - I personally would not use any name that did not have family significance (but that's just me!). All around - love your choice!
    The short list
    (my list criteria: classic, simple, elegant, must have family and/or cultural significance)

    Boys list: Simon, Max, Benjamin, Joseph, Jonah*
    Girls list: Jane, Miriam, Ruth, Ann*

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    I love Ide (prn ee-da) I know a dutch lil girl who is 2 yrs old with this name. her sister's name is Liv. both blonde, curly haired lil sweethearts with big blue eyes =)

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    It does fit in with recent trends but has the upper hand on uniqueness, I really like Iva do the similarities probly make me biased but atthe same tome hate Ava.. anyways I think its a great honor & shed be darling.

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    I really like it. I'd definitely like to see it on someone else's kid, but I'm not sure I would use it myself. Again, I do have trouble getting past the old ladyish image and find it a little hard to picture on a child, but I think it could probably be pulled off. Besides, I'd prefer to have an 'Old lady' name rather than something childish, like Kylie. To me, Ida would perfectly suit a spunky individual as well as a quiet bookworm. The only thing is I generally don't like shorter names without any nickname possibilities as much, so that's the biggest issue with it for me. But I could get past that.
    Overall, I'll give it an A as a name.

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    I had a Great Aunt Ida -- so I have never been able to reimagine it on a child. I am -- however -- in the grandma range, and parents today don't usually have such strong associations with it as a living, breathing, old lady. I think it is going to crop up, so if you love it and don't use it now, you might kick yourself later -- when you meet many adorable Idas.

    All that said, perhaps for the reason I stated, I prefer Ada -- which is just the perfect balance between old and new again, unusual and too overused.

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