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    Does it REALLY matter?

    So we have posted a ton...and still can't decide. I NEVER thought we would have wait and see her before having a name! We are expecting baby girl #4 very soon and just don't know what name to use. We already have an Olivia, Addison, and Ella. Our short list is Avery, Aubrey, Ava, or Anna. We like them all, but each one presents different problems. I am so hung up on the idea of one girl feeling left out! For example if we pick Ava or Anna and it ends in A...Addie may feel left out. Another family in our same town is using Avery and we are due 2 weeks apart...I just worry about everything, so I am asking you nameberries if it really matters...Will my girls ever question their name?? Also out of Avery, Aubrey, Ava, and Anna what would you pick?? Thanks!!

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    I like Avery! Switches up the sound endings in your sibset nicely.

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    I'd go with Aubrey or Anna.
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    I like Audrey more than Aubrey, but if my only options were your list, I'd choose Aubrey.

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    I've nitpicked things about my name I don't like, because they don't follow the pattern of my siblings names (all of my siblings have a family name and a Bible name; I don't), and many times I've bemoaned the fact that my parents didn't pass down a family name to me. I would have loved to be Ashley Karen, Ashley Arlene, or Ashley Grace. Ah, well. She might notice. She might say something. She may even hate her name at some point. But the more I've thought about names, the more I realize that at some point, everyone comes to appreciate his or her name, and I'm sure your daughters will do no less. If you choose her name with love, I'm sure your daughters will see the obvious love you have for them, and she truly won't hate you for it.

    It's hard to know what your children will think of the names you give them. Sometimes, they'll love it, or sometimes, they'll hate it, and often it will be for polarizing reasons. You just have to make the best decision you can.

    Avery - I'm sort of sad to see this on a girl, since it's one of my favorite boys' names, but I think it really works for you. Addison and Avery are a winsome pair. They work together so well, and just like Olivia and Ella are dainty and sweet and so feminine--Addison and Avery are so spunky and in-style and have lovely girly nns (Addie and Ava). You can use Avery and the nn Ava--which would give you two out of your four favorite options. I feel like I'm most keen on this for you.

    Aubrey - I, too, like Audrey better, but I think we've established that I like girls' names on girls, and unisex and boys' names better on boys. I think Aubrey works much better for you (if you didn't have an Addison, I would say Audrey all the way--Olivia, Ella, and Audrey are fab!--but I feel that Addison and Audrey just don't mesh very well), though, and I think Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Aubrey work well as sisters. You could probably get away with Abby or Bree as nns. My second favorite. Doesn't leave Addie out as being the only one with a unisex name, and in general, I find Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Aubrey to work well together.

    Ava - I love it for you, but only if Addison had a more girly name. Olivia, Ella, and Ava is fab. Even Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Ava is fab. But I really like the idea of a unisex-named sister to go with Addison! I have 2 sisters and neither have a semi-gender-ambiguous name at all, like I do. I always wished I had a girly name like them!

    Anna - probably my least favorite for you. Anna is sweet and classic, and goes well with Olivia and Ella, but Anna's always sort of bored me, and I think all your options go better with your girls than Anna (although it is nice). Annie's cute, but I think Addie and Annie would be overkill, anyway.

    I would go with either Avery or Aubrey, personally. If I knew someone who was using the same name as me two weeks from when I was due, I would be a bit torn, as well. But you've loved Avery all along and I think it'd suit your daughter well--if you really love it, go for it. It's a great name.
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