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    Sassy girl

    I need a new name for a character in my second novel. She was Catori but recently I found Catari and the name fits the lead in another book I'm working on so well I have to use it. So now I need to rename Catori. She's half-way a minor character in book 2 but when I get more into book 3, she gets to be a main character. I'd do this myself but I'm having a hard time with it.

    Genre-- It's fantasy. It's its own world. It's like your typical fantasy world, medieval based.

    Character Description -- She has blonde hair, hazel eyes. She's probably about 5'5 and she has a big personality. She's sassy, snarky, and doesn't care too much about hurting other people's feelings. She's also very smart. Her job is basically engineer. She builds all sorts of things the main characters use.

    Type of name needed -- She was Catori which is alternately a very old form of Catherine and a Native American name meaning "A spiritual man". The name doesn't fit her anyway. I usually name ironically or with names that fit the character somehow. I prefer ironic names. Some examples:

    Seraphina (burning one) is burned at the stake.
    Pax (peace) is one of the main bad guys in the first book.
    Cecilia (blind) is a seer who couldn't see her own death coming.
    Alexis (defender of mankind) she kills everything that breaths i her presence
    Alsandair (defender of mankind) he's incredibly inept at defending himself let alone others.

    So there you go. A brief example. The people who are right there in the group with Catori before the other main characters meet up with her are: Lysander, Hedwyn, Moira and then she goes with the main characters Quella, Marietta, Alsandair, Absalom, Calinico.

    Help please? -- My Amazon Author Page

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