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    Aliviana is pretty I really like all the nn possibilities of Alexandra though & Gabriella is nice too!

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    I love Alexandra and Gabriella! So classic but never boring, beautiful nn options, both with nice long histories. Aliviana sounds pretty but made up...better suited for a character in a fantasy novel than a real person. It's also quite a mouthful. I would use Olivia or Vivian/Viviana instead, they are much more solid but have the same elegant sounds. Gracelyn is a bit overdone these days. I much prefer Grace, it's common but in a more timeless way than trendy way...Gracelyn will sound very dated in the future, but Grace never will.

    Viviana Grace, Gabriella Vivian, Alexandra Vivian, Alexandra Grace, Gabriella Grace, or Vivian Alexandra would be gorgeous combos.

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    Aliviana - There's just a little too much going on here, and it's a bit difficult to say. I'd go with either Olivine, Liviana or some other, simpler variation.
    Gabriella - This is very pretty, but very popular.
    Alexandra - Same. Have you considered Alexandria? It seems to be in your style, but is not as overdone.
    Gracelyn - I'm really not a fan at all.
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    Alexandra first choice ..... Gabrielle second choce. I'm partial though my daughter is Alexis Brielle... Alex is what we call her
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    I know an Aliviana and she is the only one I know! I love the name it is so pretty.

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