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    No one's judging anyone, we're just very proud of our children and want to share our excitement. You shouldn't feel judged or bad for her being behind and especially if she has medical problems. You should be proud of what she can do and how she does it. If I were you, I would be ecstatic that she can do all that stuff in that middle section. There's a lot of 3 year olds I worked with who couldn't do nearly that much. Truly, congrats! She's sounds like she very smart.

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    Rolling over & sitting up - Probably 4 months?
    Crawling - Around 6 or 7 months
    Standing on her own & "furniture walking" - Around 10 months
    Walking without support - Just starting to do that now (15 months)

    First word - She babbles all the time, she has been able to say Mama and Dada for a while, but she just learned to say "No" recently.
    New username is @ truenature

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