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    help with girl names!

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    I like Katerina and Sonia.

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    Anina Maeve - I would think Anina is a typo for Nina...not the biggest fan of either. Maeve is cute.

    Aria Verity or Aria Nadine - Of the two, I prefer Aria Nadine, since both Aria and Verity have a very harsh sound to me..both Verity and Nadine are much more standout choices to me than Aria, so I'd consider moving them to the first name slot.

    Nikita Liv or Nikita Verity - Nikita is a name I associate with the television's definitely interesting, however. Nikita Liv would be my choice here.

    Sonia Janelle - Sonia is okay, but you have better choices here. Not a fan of Janelle.

    Freya Evangeline or Freya Adelaide or Freya Mabel - I adore all of these. I am especially a fond of all of your middle name choices. Freya Mabel is probably my absolute favorite of the group.

    Katerina Liv or Katerina Sage or Katerina Pearl - Katerina Liv sounds the best, but I like Sage better as a name. Both of these combinations are very nice.
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    Of your choices, I like Freya the most. Sonja is my favorite girl name of the moment - if this next one is a girl, she will most likely be Sonja Wren

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