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    What do you think of these combinations?

    Would love some feedback on these names and combinations. Due a girl in the New Year and we have a little boy called Darragh (pr. Dar-a). Middle name options are family names. Last name is 3 syllables, Irish and starts with D.

    Niamh Suzanne
    Lila Katherine
    Julia Suzanne

    Loved Aimee but it has just been used by a good friend. Other maybes are Amelie, Leah, Aisling, Caoimhe (DH likes more than me, I only like it as Keeva pronunciation rather than Qweeva). Any other similar suggestions welcome.

    Middle options: Suzanne, Katherine, Risa, Rianne.

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    I LOVE Niamh (plus its perfect with Darragh) and Niamh Suzanne is a great combo! Susannah Niamh is gorgeous too but I really love the thought of another Irish name with Darragh....
    How about...
    Aoife (Aoife Rianne)
    Una (Una Rianne)
    Fiona (Fiona Katherine)
    Meave (Meave Suzanne)
    Catriona (Catriona Suzanne....Catriona would honour Katherine too)
    Cliona (love nn Clio!) (Cliona Rianne)

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    Niamh sounds lovely with Darragh, I think Niamh Susannah has a sweeter flow, but it is definitely my favourite combo.
    I love Lila Katherine also, if you were to have more children would you want them to have Irish/Gaelic names? If so, go with Niamh but both are gorgeous.
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    Thanks for the feedback, glad you like them both. I do really like Niamh, but it's such an old Irish name that we both know other Niamhs and part of us feels its not special enough. It's not too popular for babies at the moment though. Such a difficult decision, isn't it?!!

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    I also like Niamh the best, particularly with Darragh. I tend to dislike Suzanne, though...while the Neve spelling is rising in popularity, Suzanne remains a very middle-aged name. I'd prefer it with Katherine or Susannah, as grackym suggested. Niamh Risa would have to be my favorite combination.
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