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  • Maddox James

    12 27.91%
  • Maddox Paul

    5 11.63%
  • Mason James

    17 39.53%
  • Mason Paul

    9 20.93%
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    Maddox or Mason? - Neither is a fave but I prefer Mason. Maddox just looks like "mad ox" to me.
    Holden or Hudson? - Holden is "softer". I don't like the unattractive "Hud" part of Hudson.
    Cordovan or Donovan? - Donovan no question! Cordovan is just odd and I don't like the "cord" in the first syllable.
    Rial or Rylan? - Neither name. Why not Riel or Rielle? Rial is odd and Rylan/Ryland is trendy.
    Josiah or Joseph? - I love both names but Josiah is one of my favourite Biblical names.
    Eleanor or Eliza? - I like both names but Eleanor is more majestic.

    Leola Ethel or Leola Isobel? - Neither combo is ideal because they're too heavy on the l's. I prefer the name Isobel as a first name (Isobel Leola)
    Vera November or Fiammetta November? - I like both first names but I think I'll vote for Fiammetta. Vera Novemeber has one too many V's.
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    Maddox or Mason? - I'm not the biggest fan of either, but Maddox sounds like a medicine or a variety of chicken pox. The strain of maddox virus.
    Holden or Hudson? - Holden all the way. One is a cool literary reference, the other reminds me of a dirty river.
    Cordovan or Donovan? - I'm not familiar with Cordovan, so Donovan for me.
    Rial or Rylan? - I've never heard of either of these, and don't even know how to approach pronouncing them.
    Josiah or Joseph? - Though I'd be weary of nickname Joe on either of these.
    Eleanor or Eliza? - Eliza has always sounded unattractive to me, while Eleanor is regal and beautiful.

    Leola Ethel or Leola Isobel? - Leola Isobel has a much better flow.
    Vera November or Fiammetta November? - I only like the vair-uh pronunciation of Vera, plus, Fiammetta is gorgeous, particularly paired with November.
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    Leola Isobel
    Prefer Vera but with November I think I have to go with Fiammetta

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    I prefer Maddox over Mason, but Mason James just goes better than Maddox James. And I just prefer the name James over Paul.
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