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    BNG Story Version

    You are 6 years old when you meet a boy at school. He has blond hair and green eyes. You are quite fascinated with his braces. You instantly become best friends and grow up together. He was your first crush, your first kiss, your first love. When you are 17, he moves away with his family. On the last night in your town, you make some mistakes, and he stays the night at your house.

    What is his name?

    What is your name?

    9 months go by, and you give birth to a healthy baby girl. However, you still haven't told her dad that you were pregnant, or that he has a daughter. You've thought about it, but are unsure of how to tell him. Your mom kicked you out when you told her you were pregnant, so you live in a flat with a friend you met in high school.

    What's your daughter's name?

    What's your roommate's name?

    Your daughter is almost 3 when you work up the nerves to call her dad. You find out he's living in London, but wants to fly to meet his daughter. You arrange a meeting, and when your daughter meets her father, they fall in love instantly. He agrees to move back here, once he can find an affordable place. You say he can stay with you and your roommate. He agrees, but it will take some time to move all his stuff from London to your flat. But once he's moved in, life it great! You soon find yourself pregnant again, this time with twins!

    What are their names? (You can pick the genders)

    You and your boyfriend have been dating for a year and a half, but have loved each other your whole lives. He proposes to you, and you accept. You are soon married, and find yourself pregnant again. Your oldest is now 7, and the twins are 4. You have officially moved out of your flat and into a real home with your husband. When you give birth, it turns out to be a boy.

    What's your son's name?

    Look out for Part 2...
    Ivory Janae & Jayde Isabelle: My Baby Girls

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