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    I love River, too! (I'm a big Dr. Who fan)

    and -
    Ianto (Torchwood)

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    River (as in Firefly and DW) and Anwen (Torchwood).
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    Another fan of River, inara, and many others I can't remember. Joss whedon has great character names. Any of his Buffy characters, Cordelia, Willow, Wesley,...
    I'm watching battlestar gallactica right now actually. I like the name adama when spoken (uh-dom-a) but written I still want to say a-dam-a. I'm really not so good at remembering many names when watching new shows so I don't know other ones offhand on this show yet

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    A man they call Jayne!
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    I can't believe I forgot the name River! It's from Doctor Who and Firefly. Joss Whedon is a total boss at coming up with names for his characters.

    @geeknamezyo--- I get what you are saying. I think Inara is such a beautiful name that it might actually be usable...except for the space prostitute connection
    @shvibziks--- I never thought of the name Ripley from Alien! Completely different from my regular style but would make a great GPN!
    @anotherkate--- I totally agree with you about the name Adama. Before I heard Adama spoken, I thought it was pronounced "a-dam-a" too.
    @katieydenberg--- I'll be in my bunk
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