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    I've always found Claudia to be cool and sophisticated. Bernadette is Catholic schoolgirl w/a bit of naughtiness.

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    I adore Claudia. She sounds so classy and posh. Bernadette feels a little bit dusty to me. I think it's that Bernie nickname. Just not a fan. Claudia almost made it to the top of my list, but I couldn't get past the meaning, nor did I have any awesome namesakes to help me get past it. All I had was Claudia from The Babysitters Club, who was pretty terrific, but not enough to name a baby after.
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    Claudia is just okay to me, it always reminds me of Babysitter's club lol. But Bernadette sounds spunky and sweet to me, also very intelligent.
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    I think Bernadette is a great name, but the spelling is a little tricky. There's so many faux French -ette endings and forced-seeming feminizations floating around from the 50s and 60s still that it's hard to consider it on its own merits. I bet that will change in the coming decades though.

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    Hmm...Bernadette is so clunky to my ears. It makes me think of someone with inch-thick glasses and buck-teeth. But the only Bernadette I actually know is Bernadette Peters, who is amazing, so, perhaps it's just my weirdness. I really like the similar name Bérénice, but only the French pronunciation (the Americans say ber-nees, while the French pronounce it bay-ray-nees).
    Claudia doesn't make me think of an old lady, either, but it has that harsh "claw" sound that I've never really liked. On the other hand, names like Sylvia and Lydia which I equate it with are on the rise.
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