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    Quote Originally Posted by dovah View Post
    I never understood having a full first name "for more options". There are plenty of full names that do not have any intuitive nicknames, so there aren't any options for those. Is Lily an insufficient name because it doesn't have options? Is Claire? Eric? Anyway, that's just my opinion.

    I think you should name a kid what you want to call him. If you want to call him Jake all the time, then name him Jake. If your kid grows up and wishes you had named him Jacob, then he'll be in the same boat as the kid whose parents named him Thomas when he wanted to be named Jacob... Jake is a perfectly respectable name.
    @dovah - Lily is a full name. Claire is also a full name.I knew a Claire who was called Clarry when she was little and then used Claire when she entered high school. Eric can go by Ric, Ricky or even Air. Having full names "do" give you options in most cases. They're simply more versatile. When nicknames are used as full names the options are no longer there. A Jake will always be a Jake never a Jacob whereas a Jacob can go by either name. I do agree that some nicknames are less "childish" than others. Alfie is forever a juvenile and it doesn't age well (unless you call him Al which doesn't sound that great). Jake is stronger and sounds more grown-up than most nicknames out there. But remember that most Jacobs go by Jake so the name is more popular than you may think. If you plan on having more children, will you continue the "nickname as first name" pattern with them? Just something to bear in mind.
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    My MIL gave all of her kids nickname names - I admire that, actually. Why not just give the kid the name they'll be called? I never had a nn growing up so maybe I am biased. My hubby's name is Jeff, and he hasn't had too much trouble explaining that it isn't short for anything and he likes it that way.
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    I have a lot of family members with names like that, and for whatever reason it doesn't bother me with them (we have a Sophie, Manda, Eli, and Leo, none of whose names are short for anything) but my hubby also tends to like names that to me sound like a nickname. He loves the name Finn, but I just feel like if it isn't short for Finneas/Phineas or Finnegan or Finley or something, it just sounds wrong. However I wouldn't be weirded out if somebody's name was just plain Finn. For me personally, I don't think I'd do it.

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    Seeing as nickname names are really trendy over here at the moment, I don't see a problem with it, aside from the fact I can't see it aging well.

    Might be different wherever you are.
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    Having a 'full name' allows the child to have a real meaning of his/her name.

    Jake doesn't mean anything on its own. Jacob has biblical reference/namesake and a meaning of the name.

    Just something to consider...

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