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    Jake does sound like a full first name to me.

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    I'm personally not a fan of nickname-y names as first names. Some bother me more than others. Jake isn't bad but I do prefer Jacob. Names like Gracie, Ellie, Phil, Becca, etc on their own I very much dislike!!

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    Completely up to you!
    Jake seems fine as a full name to me- Jake seems like more of a full name than Charli or Maggie to me, but if that's the name you wanted, well you can use that too
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    I personally don't like nicknames as given names, but I know lots of people who are fine with it. Many of them even gave their kids nickname names- e.g. I know a Kate whose daughter is Molly- so I guess it worked for them!
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    I never understood having a full first name "for more options". There are plenty of full names that do not have any intuitive nicknames, so there aren't any options for those. Is Lily an insufficient name because it doesn't have options? Is Claire? Eric? Anyway, that's just my opinion.

    I think you should name a kid what you want to call him. If you want to call him Jake all the time, then name him Jake. If your kid grows up and wishes you had named him Jacob, then he'll be in the same boat as the kid whose parents named him Thomas when he wanted to be named Jacob... Jake is a perfectly respectable name.

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