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    Nicknames on the Birth Certificate?

    I am just about 11 weeks along with my pregnancy, and DH and I are already starting to form name lists for both girls and boys. Problem is, DH likes a lot of "nickname" names. He insisted on putting Jake (just Jake) on the list for boys. How do you feel about using nickname-y names as the full name? Thanks in advance. : )
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    I personally prefer full names. I think it's nice for times you want something more formal like a resume or at a graduation. Also it gives them a little more possibilities with what they would like to be called.
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    I think it comes down to how nicknamey the name is, if that makes sense. I know someone named Jake (just Jake) and I know someone named Phil. For some reason Jake seems fine as a full name but Phil is incompleate to me.
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    I think its ok but agree with pp that giving a more formal name gives more options.
    There seems to be a lot of desire to control nicknames when I think they should be more organic.
    Jake as a stand alone name is fine IMO.

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    Jake is fine as a first name. I think nicknames are fine like Ellie, Millie, Charlie and Gracie.
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