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    Is it normal to have some who erks you ?

    With your child that is.. I feel crazy, or over protective, or maybe I subconsciously hate this person?

    Every little thing they do with my baby regardless of good intentions & caring to bond just drives me crazy. I'm constantly watching like a hawk when they are with her & finding excuses to take her away like feeding or naps.

    My friend days she feels this way about her MIL, is this this normal - do you have someone similar or an I crazy?
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    Only you know the specifics, but I learned a long time ago to listen to my subconscious. There might be a reason this person irks you, especially concerning your baby, that you can't put your finger on, but your subconscious gets it. In cases of in-laws or co-workers, we have to find common ground even if our subconscious is saying, "bad!", but if possible, I stay away from these people. I definitely wouldn't let my kid around someone that's setting off some sort of alarm, at least not without serious supervision. Trust yourself.
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    I absolutely agree. You need to consider whether it is some kind of Jealousy or insecurity on your part, or whether it is "something else you can't put your finger on". If it's that Something Else, then as a mom you need to trust your instincts.
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    I think its over precautions maybe but its gotten to the point they irratate me when they talk to her.. given when they talk its like yelling. & this person is a elder about 80 hes shaky but gets around good. I cant say much to him without hurting his feelings but I feel like he drives me crazy around her &hes not even family.. do you guys have anyone whose like that?

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    If he yells, he probably has hearing loss and can't regulate his volume appropriately. Tell him to go to Sams Club for a free hearing test.
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