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  • Vera

    49 57.65%
  • MaryVera

    0 0%
  • Mavera/Maevera/Maravera/ect

    0 0%
  • Callista

    28 32.94%
  • Stasia

    5 5.88%
  • Viera

    3 3.53%
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    Last Post for Vera.. Mary, Callista & Stasia!

    First Thanks everyone for your patience & support! I'm pretty sure I should have stuck to my guns from the start & stood up for Vera. Although Mary is sentimental shes out of the running unless I can find aaway to join her like MaryVera or Mavera/Maevera/Maravera -ect, what do you think?!

    My mom out of some names is perfering straight Mary in honor or Callista (which I do enjoy, she's unique & has a wonderful meaning). I also still considered Stasia from Anastasia. One more consideration is Viera (Vee-air-uh) regardless of the surname felling.

    So what do you guys think? Opinions on al the names, combing Mary & Vera.. How would you feel about meeting a Callista or Stasia or the others?

    Thanks so much again! I'll add a poll too

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    I really like the name Viera! It's cute! It reminds me of Sierra. I would assume Stasia's full name was Anastasia. I would love to meet a Callista, but I would assume right off the bat that she is a bit mean. I don't know why, but to me, the name just sounds mean. Mary is a classic, but I feel like it's getting a bit tired. I like the idea of combining the name! I like Mavera/Maevera. Maravera sounds too much like a nickname/made up.
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    Vera is my favorite, beautiful and has a vintage sound to it.
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    I do like Callista and Stasia, but I had to vote for Viera because it's so interesting and unique. I think a little girl and grown woman would really appreciate a name like this. She'd really stand out, and yet the name is relatively short and easy. (please vote!)

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    My favorite is Callista! I love the nn Callie too!

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