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Thread: Mixedberries

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    So it seems like most berries can be categorized as either teenberries or momberries. Which isn't to say that everyone on this website over age 30 is married/a mother, but still.

    However, there are also quite a few of us in the university student/early twenties age group who don't quite fit into either category. We're not in middle/high school, but we're not settling down yet. We don't really have a cute name with the "-berry" suffix.

    So, this thread is for that crowd. Because we're definitely a presence on here, too. I figured we may as well have an area for us regulars to get to know each other better outside the context of names. I guess we can just start with name, age, rough geographic location, major/area of study (if applicable), and what everyone's up to at the moment.

    I'll start:

    I'm Gwen. I'm 19 but I'll be 20 in a few months. I'm at university in Southern California, majoring in Film Production, but I'm from the DC Metro area originally. This weekend, I will mainly be studying and catching up on some editing work I've been putting off forever, and then I'll probably go to Tim Curry movie night on Sunday.

    Anyone else?
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    Okay, I definitely fit better into this category. The teenberry forum made me feel old.

    I'm Emily, 18, college freshman. As of right now I'm undeclared and don't have a clue what I want to major in. I'm in the South. This weekend I plan to visit family, enjoy the gorgeous weather, and catch up on schoolwork. Or consider catching up on schoolwork anyway.

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    Do I go here? I don't know. I'm 25 and married but won't be a momberry for at least a couple more years. Plus I'll be going back to school in January so I think I fit more with the students than the mothers. Feel free to kick me out if I'm stumbling into the wrong bracket :P

    I will be finishing up my aromatherapy certificate program and then pursuing a four-year degree in herbal medicine with the long-term goal of opening my own apothecary. And I. Can. Not. Wait!!

    Plans for the weekend include picking up sandbags, candles, non-perishable grocery items, and lots of books - we're expecting severe flooding. You know when the native Oregonians start freaking out and posting evacuation routes and shelter maps on their city websites that means some SERIOUS rain!
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    @southern.maple: I'm intrigued! From what I've been told, a US college is the same as university (colleges are a different thing here) and your major is your subject. So how can you be in college and not have a major? This has confused me since playing Sims University!
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    I was twenty seven yesterday :/ Don't think I really fit in this category but... I'm going to shoehorn my way in anyway!

    So... I'm Ren. I'm English and am currently spending my days applying for jobs I never get, making historical dresses and flailing in an attempt at writing the novel which has been wedged in my head for the last few years.

    I'd call us the Intertweenberries by the way
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