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    So it seems like most berries can be categorized as either teenberries or momberries. Which isn't to say that everyone on this website over age 30 is married/a mother, but still.

    However, there are also quite a few of us in the university student/early twenties age group who don't quite fit into either category. We're not in middle/high school, but we're not settling down yet. We don't really have a cute name with the "-berry" suffix.

    So, this thread is for that crowd. Because we're definitely a presence on here, too. I figured we may as well have an area for us regulars to get to know each other better outside the context of names. I guess we can just start with name, age, rough geographic location, major/area of study (if applicable), and what everyone's up to at the moment.

    I'll start:

    I'm Gwen. I'm 19 but I'll be 20 in a few months. I'm at university in Southern California, majoring in Film Production, but I'm from the DC Metro area originally. This weekend, I will mainly be studying and catching up on some editing work I've been putting off forever, and then I'll probably go to Tim Curry movie night on Sunday.

    Anyone else?
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