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Thread: House Guests!

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    House Guests!

    Twice this summer we're going to have house guests. Since I've only ever had my nieces and nephew stay over at my house I'm a noobie to the process. Both are short stays (1-3 days).

    We have a second bedroom with a futon, a couch downstairs, and blow up mattresses--which they've said they're fine with. 1st house guests is a family of four (no babies). 2nd house guests are cousins who I don't know super well (only met them twice, they live back east).

    We only have one full bathroom and 2 towel bars. Any advice on how to manage showers and towels for 6 people in a house used to 2?

    Based on some online articles, here's some things I'm thinking about:
    1. Fresh sheets/extra blankets and pillows
    2. Fan (since it's summer and we don't have air conditioning--not as bad as you might think )
    3. Fresh bath towels and washcloths and a place to put used towels. Maybe extra toiletries available.
    4. Clean thoroughly! Especially the guest room and bathroom
    5. Explain house quirks like our weird shower with it's ridiculously hot water
    6. A home “cheat sheet” for things like TV operation, Netflix, computer operation, WIFI password, washer/dryer, and the whereabouts of various needed items like extra towels/toilet paper/tissue, etc.
    7. Let them know when you wake up
    8. Ask about what foods they’d like? what % milk? Coffee? Allergies? Breakfast?
    9. Do a quick house tour letting them know where the food/cups/plates/etc. are. Regular vs. Recycling trash. Paper and pens. House processes like whether you leave doors and windows open.
    10. Have fresh fruit, granola bars, drinks, popsicles, and other simple snacks available to grab. Show them where they are and let them know they’re welcome to it.
    11. Get some flowers to brighten up the rooms and clean your windows and blinds.
    12. Provide some info about where you live—simple maps with good places to eat/drink and nice places to walk or drive.
    13. Provide an extra copy of your house key.

    Advice on being a good host for house guests without being a crazy Martha Stewart person who makes them each personalized baskets?

    Anything you find particularly important as a host or a guest?
    Anything I'm missing?
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    Jeezy peeps! I thought I was a list maker! To me you look like you've got lots of things sorted.

    A few things I can tell you from experience of having guests in our house and staying at other people's:
    - keep the pump for the air mattress in the room where they will be sleeping, they can go flat which can be so uncomfortable.
    - have something to offer them as soon as they get in, i.e cookies or shortbread
    - if they do have kids have a little goodie bag or something
    - have a first aid kit topped up
    - if you don't like people wearing shoes in your house maybe buy cheap slippers or house socks etc to offer people ( I am one of those few sad people who has baskets of fresh, never worn and never to be used again female and male and children's socks by the front door for anybody who come to our house and isn't wearing socks or doesn't have a pair of slippers at our house already, sad but true).

    Best of luck with the guests!
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    Things I hope for when I go to stay with my friends in the states:

    1. Towels. I love not having to bring my own. They take up so much room in my suitcase.

    2. Food. My friends usually ask what type of tea I like and what I want to eat in the mornings so that they have it ready for when I arrive. (Earl grey and honey wheat toast if you wanted to know )

    That's pretty much it, if I'm honest. Food and towels, wow, I'm easily pleased. Everything else is a bonus. Staying as a guest in your house sounds like it would be lovely!

    As to the shower situation. The last place my Baltimore friend lived was a shoebox sized apartment with one bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and no air conditioning. In July. We managed to squeeze six people in for a week and it was fine

    When they all came over here to stay in April, they put their towels over the radiators as well as the rails in the bathrooms. Does your house have radiators?

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    We don't do anything in particular to prepare for house guests, apart from giving the (normally untouched) guest room a quick tidy and change the sheets! I guess I always make sure my back up supplies cupboard is stocked (spare tooth brushes, new towels, toiletries, etc.) and that the guest bathroom is ready but we don't prepare much else.

    I always do a big food shop before they come and make sure I have something sweet and hot ready when they arrive, I like PP's suggestion of shortbread and a pot of tea. We also buy a few luxury brands we wouldn't buy too often - expensive coffee is one thats always on my list.

    Short of that we just go with the flow. I think your guests will be delighted you've gone to so much trouble, but they probably won't be expecting you to be so obliging. You sound like a great host

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