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Thread: Mixedberries

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    Berrysomethings is very clever! Anyone feel like setting up a poll?

    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    @Violet: I know what you mean with the little sister thing. My sister is a sophomore in high school and going to her first school dance in October... with a date! She's officially more socially advanced than me in every way. Still not sure how I feel about that.
    Yep, been there. My little sister went to my senior my same prom group (and she was only a sophomore at the time)! The guy who asked her even enlisted my help in arranging fruit to spell out "PROM?" in our driveway. Needless to say, there was a lot of teeth-grinding and pride-swallowing.
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    Hi everyone! I'm Lauren

    I've been hanging out on the Teenberries thread but I feel like I fit in both pretty well. I have quite a few friends still in high school and many in university so it works. Double the fun hanging out on both, haha.

    I'm eighteen and just started university as a journalism major. It's going pretty well, manageable so far and my program isn't too demanding compared to what my friends are doing (pretty much all of them are in sciences)! Thanks to everyone who chimed in on my thread a month or so ago about university worries.

    Other than writing, I love theatre but haven't done a whole lot. No professional productions on my CV yet! I'm not joining any extracurriculars yet since it's my first semester of university and want to make sure I can manage the work. But I miss theatre like crazy and thinking every day to next semester when I'll get involved with it again... And of course planning out what plays I'll go to see next! I love reading, and (if you can't tell from my signature) my favourite writers are Shakespeare and Jane Austen. I just started Anna Karenina after seeing the recommendations on the novel thread the other day.
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    @ maple & geek - Thanks! It's going to be a lot of work, but I'm stoked for it. The business classes are at the end after you've already got the herbal and healing knowledge under your belt. They teach you how to network with medical professionals who are sympathetic to alternative medicine, how to market yourself and your products/business, and how to run the financial side of things. Super practical and helpful, but that's the part I'm most nervous about. Finances...shudder.

    @ violet - I hear you! My baby sister is 11 years younger than me, and when she had her birthday, my husband casually remarked, "Next year she'll be driving." I nearly had a heart attack!!

    @ frankie - Mixed Berries is awesome! It makes me think of the Trix Rabbit commercials ^_^
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    I like Mixed Berries, it's awesome!

    Okay, so, my name is Kate, I am almost 22, and a freshman in college. I live in the Northwest US. While, I have "settled down", we aren't planning on children until we are both done with school (which will be in 2016).

    I don't currently have a job, as I am a full time student going into the veterinary field, but I have been a nanny for the past 6 years.

    To comment on the baby sister thing, mine is 14...and it freaks the bajeezus out of me everytime I realize it. Seems like just yesterday I was carrying her on my hip...

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    I'm Mary Grace, I'm 24, and I've just begun graduate school this fall, aiming for my M.F.A. (Masters of Fine Arts) in the Midwest. I want to write fiction and I'm still transferring my brain from the fan fiction train of thought to the original fiction one. I just love writing in general, and I've loved names for years. I also love Major League Baseball---the Cardinals are my team. Do we have any other MLB fans here?

    I'm surprised that this group of us (no longer teens and/or not yet moms) is so large. It's a wonderful surprise, though.

    For the person who was wondering about colleges vs. universities in the U.S., we often say "I'm going to college" when attending a university, but colleges tend to be smaller and you usually can't earn advanced degrees (Masters, Ph. D.s, etc.) at a college like you can at a university.

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