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    What did you want to be when you grew up?

    When you were a little kid, what did you want to be? I went from wanting to be a vet, to wanting to be a singer, to wanting to be an actress before I realized I don't want to be famous! Then I wanted to be a cosmetologist/hair stylist. Right now I want to be a psychiatrist who writes in her free time.

    What about you? What did/do you want to be when you grew/grow up?
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    I wanted to be a paleontologist when I was about five....even though I couldn't spell it.

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    I think for the longest time, I wanted to be an actress, then I wanted to be a teacher, and for a brief time, I considered cosmetology, and then had my heart set on journalism. Then I considered midwifery and pediatric nursing, and now I'm back at teaching :P

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    When I was six I wanted to be a singer. My class had a "career day" where you had to dress up as the occupation you wanted to be when you grew up. I arrived at school wearing a sequined vest and a fake microphone headset and was mortified to discover every other girl in my class came as a nurse or a vet. Lets just say I did not like to stand out which nixed the whole singing occupation for me pretty early, that and I can't sing. I think I also wanted to be an astronomer, an actress, and a journalist at some point, but now I have no idea.
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    Even as a kid, I always wanted to do some health career with pregnancy. Whenever my mum bought me one of those anatomy kids books, I'd always flip straight to the pregnancy pages and read them over and over. It was fascinating. When i figured out what job I had to do to do that, I wanted to be an OBGYN... but I'm not dedicated enough for 10+ years of schooling. Then I thought about midwifery. Nuh - didn't last long. For a while there I gave up and wanted to be a graphic designer (still do) and my art teacher said I'd be great at it.

    I recently just applied to study sonography at university. A bit of everything.

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