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    Trinity (boy) - Better on a girl. Personally, I dislike this name. It was not even considered a name until the Matrix film came out and I've seen so many bad spellings that it doesn't appeal to me. As a Christian, Trinity is God, the Son and Holy Spirit.

    Sawyer(girl) - either gender but I like it on a boy due to the Tom Sawyer association.

    Maple (boy or girl) - better on a girl

    Cloud (boy) - mn only

    Temperance (boy/girl) - Better on a girl but it would be a hard name for any person to live up to.

    Avalon (boy) - It's a place name so technically unisex but I think it works better on a girl. A boy wouldn't appreciate being called Ava for short.

    Addison (boy) - Well, it does have the "son" ending but Addison's Disease is not a nice association.

    Hudson (girl) - I don't like this name for either gender

    Atlantis (boy) - only as middle name

    Cinnamon (boy) - this is better for a girl. Cinnabar or Finnbar would be alternatives for a boy. I don't think any boy would like having the nn Cindy.

    Piper (boy) - Not my style for any gender. Not a name for a mature adult.
    Spirit (boy) - better in the middle spot for either gender
    Kestrel (boy) - I think it's best for a boy
    Jasper (both genders) - Prefer it on a male only
    Oliver (both genders) - MALE name only. Girls have Olivia, Oliva, Olive why Oliver?
    Malachi (girl) - This is a MALE Biblical name and an Irish MALE saint name. It's male, period.
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    Trinity (boy) - Would not use for a boy.

    Sawyer (girl) - I really love it for a boy, but it's not horrid on a girl.

    Maple (boy or girl) - Girl, middle name only imo.

    Cloud (boy) - Dislike for either.

    Temperance (boy/girl) - I like for girls, although not my style.

    Avalon (boy) - Like Trinity, would not use for a boy.

    Addison (boy) - I like this name on both genders, although I love it for a girl for the nn Addy.

    Hudson (girl) - Like Sawyer, I love for a boy, but it's not horrid on a girl.

    Atlantis (boy) - Not my style, but I do like it for a boy. I'd say mn only.

    Cinnamon (boy) - Do not like for either gender. But would be better for a girl.

    Recently added to my official list:
    Piper (boy) - Girl name imo.
    Spirit (boy) - Okay in middle for either although nms.
    Kestrel (boy) - Fine for a boy.
    Jasper (both genders) - Boy name only.
    Oliver (both genders) - Male ONLY. There are plenty of girls names Olive, Olivia etc.
    Malachi (girl) - This is def. a male only name.
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    I love Sawyer on a girl, perhaps because the first Sawyer I heard was a girl! A few of these names I do strictly associate them with girls - Such as Trinity, Avalon, Atlantis, & Cinnamon.
    Possible Names:

    Liam Ezra Aoife Roisin Fionn Mordecai Clara Rosemary Leo Benedict Eloise Clodagh

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    I don't really have opinions on most of your list as they aren't really my style. However, I just wanted to say that I used to know a little guy named Cloud and he was just the cutest thing. Unfortunately, now that you've made me think about it, I realize that he's probably in secondary school now... I think it's a great name though!

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    Trinity- this has a lot of religious connotations and personally I'd find it a bit too… holy of a word to use as a name. I do think it has a nice sound though.
    Sawyer- nms, but totally works
    Maple- so cute and spunky! I prefer it on a girl.
    Cloud- this would be a really cool middle. underused and makes me think of beautiful crisp days with blue skies and fluffy white clouds
    Temperance- I find this rather strange as a name in general, a bit too Puritanical
    Avalon- oh this would be interesting on a boy! fresh and different
    Addison- it'd be really cool to see this used for boys more
    Hudson- I've only heard this on boys, but would be great on the right girl
    Atlantis- ooh, very mystical and fantasylike! love this
    Cinnamon- I think it'd be really cute on a girl, but a bit too sweet (no pun intended!) for a boy

    *I'm not a fan of unisex/surname names in general, but tried to comment on what I could see working rather than what I'd personally like.
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