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    Quote Originally Posted by lo View Post
    Not sure if this is what you mean, but I wish there was a girl's name with the obvious nickname Drew.
    WDYT of Alexandrina nn Drew?

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    If you use all the boys names in the world on girls, there will no boys names left!
    When I thought opened this thread, I was expecting to see names like Madison which are unisex but have gone almost entirely to girls. Or vice versa.
    I think Elijah and Maximilian! are better on boys. Leave the boys something! Landon could be spelled Landyn and be right on trend with a lot of girls names.

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    Edward,Ryder, Hunter, Beau, Gideon, Wolf.

    I will propably think more later :-P

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    I'd love to see a little girl named Connor.
    New username is @ truenature

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    I'd love to see all the boys names that have become girls names get reclaimed (at least partially).
    Rosemary June or Jane Evelyn
    Henry Francis or Theodore Francis
    Due 6/4/14

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