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Thread: Career Choice!

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    That just sounds like a non-profit ministry, something that you would do as a minister with a church. A traveling evangelist? Ash, you're the type of Christian I love, the type spreading love and fellowship and harmony. *hugs* You're a great person. I would say you should start by getting ordained. I assume you can do it through your church, but if you want it faster, there's a few legit places you can get it done online. The one I know of that's absolutely legit, recognized in every state, is the Universal Life Church. Google it. After that, I would advise starting a business of sorts, something that can actually make you money. Maybe start up your own publishing house for Christian literature? You have a degree for that sort of work. Or maybe pursue a career in Christian music?

    Anyway, I'm getting into the writing field really good right now. I'm halfway to getting published. As soon as I get done editing, I should be at the actual publication stage. I was told that I should expect to just sort of break even the first few years, that I won't be making much more money than the average person until I build a fan base and have a few books out. It's hard. So I run my wedding/funeral etc business doing those sorts of religious services and loving it, and I go to school to finish my degree so I can get a real job and make money to live on until I actually make money writing. ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I really like writing, but I think that's more of a hobby. Like someone has said before, it's very unpredictable money-wise. If I can make money off of my writing, then fantastic. If not, I'll have something to fall back on - and that something will most likely be interpreting/translating. I'm in my second year of American Sign Language and I speak English & French. I'm planning on furthering my studies in both ASL and French and learning Spanish and maybe even Chinese. Who knows. It'll be great. I also really like the idea of being an editor. But as far as things are going now, I really like the idea of being an interpreter/translator (:

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    I would love to be a photographer. And have a little brick and mortar vintage shop, or start an etsy shop selling vintage pieces. I love thrifting, so that would be the perfect job for me.

    Ash, I don't know you in person, but you would be a lovely missionary. You really would. They are based more around 8-13 year olds, but have you read the Millie Keith series by Martha Finley? ( I think the company actually went out of business but they might be in your local library/or available as an online book) It's based in the 1830's. In the last book (maybe the last two?) she moves with her husband to Bolivia as a missionary and you just remind me of her.
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    I would love to be a journalist, either for an investigative magazine or a big newspaper, but I know that's hard to be successful in and money does matter to me, shallow as that may seem. School is stressing me out, too. I'm only in grade 10, but since last year, even, the elective choices we make already have an impact on our eligibility for potential careers. So I'm feeling a bit rushed.

    @heytherepigeon, my aunt is a spanish/english interpreter/translator, and she's gotten to do a lot of really interesting things. Right now, she is helping with a recent archeological discovery in the Peruvian jungle where they found all these tombs full of treasure from a civilization that nobody has seen for hundreds of years! So you'll never know what might come your way!
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    I love kids so so much. Something along those lines would make me really happy. I would also like to be an editor.


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