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  • Rhys Anderson

    43 53.75%
  • Zane Anderson

    21 26.25%
  • Ezra Byrne

    43 53.75%
  • Everett Byrne

    28 35.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Who doesn't love a poll?

    Please vote for one combo for each middle name (both are family names):

    Rhys Anderson vs. Zane Anderson

    Ezra Byrne vs. Everett Byrne

    Brother is Owen, so please vote taking into consideration sibset too.


    Feel free to comment if you think any (or all) of the names are particularly mismatched with Owen! (Zane, for example...? :/)
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    I picked Ezra and Rhys

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    Owen Rhys Anderson sounds very smart indeed!

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    All four names are great!!

    I love Zane Anderson and Everett Byrne. I think both would go great with brother Owen!
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    Owen's such a good name, and I think Ezra is too. Owen & Ezra. They're both four letters, but none of the same ones are in the names. Ezra's got a z, who doesn't love a z? And... Byrne as a middle is pretty cool. Maybe because I love Gabriel Byrne... but it's so good. Ezra Byrne - sounds like someone very smart and clever, someone who writes, someone who travels and makes discoveries. Ezra Byrne, mmmm, I love this name. Everett Byrne is also nice, but it screams surname surname to me.

    I'm picking Rhys Anderson as the other one. I didn't want to pick either because Rhys Anderson is again too surnamey and weird together, and Zane sounds weird with Owen. But I prefer Zane.
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