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  • Elizabeth

    26 32.91%
  • Agnes

    17 21.52%
  • Vivian

    26 32.91%
  • Amelia

    27 34.18%
  • Martha

    11 13.92%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    My vote is for Agnes nn Aggie, Martha nn Mattie, or Louisa nn Lulu.

    Those seem to be the three that fit best with both Sylvia and Josephine, and Sylvie and Josie.

    I'm most leaning towards Agnes, since it doesn't have the a-ending, and that way each girl has a different ending-sound
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    I like Amelia best! It has the same classic/vintage feel. Elizabeth would be my second choice.

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    Agnes fits well but I'm not a huge fan of the name. Elizabeth Agnes would be perfect.

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    So I think martha is off the list. I am fine with that. And I feel like we finally have some solid names to start to throw around, and see what sticks. I know it sounds weird but we try saying them aloud to see if anyone of them sounds right.

    Just one last question because this has been my most helpful thread ever. Is there a name that is not on this list that you think we are missing that would be absolutely perfect for us?

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